A artist convention that where all types of artists hang out and with added events such as movie and game nights, panels and much more.

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A artist convention that where all types of artists hang out and with added events such as movie and game nights, panels and much more.

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The Grand Finale

We have one last chance to make ArtCon history. but we're gonna do ArtCon one last time. And for that, we plan to make it the biggest AnCon/Artcon we've done yet. We're gonna try and have more panels and shit, and it might be carefully planned (maybe). Time zones? Who needs them? Except when it's happening at the EST time zone. If it works well, we might do it again.

Freezing Festival Update

New Date - the convention starts on the 30th the featured creator forms end by the 28th.

Everything in the backrooms is a bit stressful, but after the festival, we'll start working on our 3rd (or 1st) Annual ArtCon immediately.

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