SERVER IS ALREADY READY BUT QUIRKS SHEETS ARE STILL NOT WORKING ¡You don't really need to know anything about bnha to join cause of our special way to make canon characters that is not hard but gives more info!

It's been 18 years, and the world has changed a lot since the end of the Paranormal Liberation War. The former League of Villains has been disbanded, and most of its members are either dead or imprisoned. However, a new threat has emerged: the Neo Liberation Army (neo means new but sounds more original than it XD), a radical group that seeks to overthrow the hero society and create a new world order based on quirk supremacy. Led by the mysterious and powerful Overlord, the Neo Liberation Army has amassed a large army of followers, both quirk users and quirkless, who are willing to do anything for their cause.

Meanwhile, heroes are facing their own challenges. Some of the children's grown-up and are either students, villains, civilians or pro heroes. Some of them want to follow in their parents footsteps, while others want to forge their own path. Some of them also have to balance their hero training, school work, and personal lives, as well as cope with the dangers and uncertainties of the world they live in.

The bnha next gen discord server follows the adventures of young heroes, as they attend UA High School (or another boring school), learn from their mentors, make friends and enemies, and fight against the Neo Liberation Army. Along the way, they will discover secrets, face betrayals, fall in love, and grow as heroes and as people. Will they be able to stop the Overlord and his army, or will they succumb to the darkness? Join the server and find out!