... And we're all being very civil about the outcome. Right? RIGHT? Not a chance, but we are enjoying the memes and the looming possibility of mass civil unrest. We're gonna try this UPDATE a bit different. I say "different", but what I really mean to say is "shorter" because I'm "lazy" and I'll have done two of these updates already and honestly... I'm tired. You're probably tired too. Come rest your head on my lap while I read you this lovely monthly recap.


Mark Ledwich -- came for an AMA and taught us how he disproved the idea that YouTube radicalizes people through its recommendations algorithm.

Debate Tournament mk2 -- We're still at it with the final weeks of the second CC Debate Tournament and it's gone well. We started this month out with some spicy debates about SCOTUS topics in honor of some old woman who should have retired 12 years ago. We've trimmed the fat off this ladder and we're in the final stretches -- so if you want to hear the best debates this tournament has to offer, now's the time to get the popcorn and the invite link.

Furry Round Table -- Honestly I'm not really sure what to say here... We did a Furry Round Table and we're all a little disappointed in ourselves, but apparently it was a good time. It went on for FIVE HOURS. Honestly, I'm not sure how Alice managed to survive through that.

Halloween Masquerade -- As is tradition, we had a bit of a costume party in the ol' "Calliopean Coven". We dun theme'd er' up and made it all real spooky-like. The whole day was weird. We had mods dressed up as other mods, users dressed up as bots, bots dressed up as -- no, actually the bots didn't partake. Anyway, it was fun. I was a toilet. I flushed. It was a good time. But nobody had as good a time as 7 as John Cena. Nobody saw him ALL day, read the nomination they received. Naturally, they won the Gift Card we offered up as a prize.

Election STUFF -- America did another election, shockingly. We watched some news coverage of the election night... Yelled at Skipples for screwing up timing on stuff... Yelled at eachother... Yelled at the screen... Went to bed very depressed... Actually, those last two were mainly me.

Round Tables -- Kyosan has been hosting some weekly round tables recently, and we're not gonna stop him. We had one just yesterday, actually, about the US Election. Shocking! It's actually just kinda nice to bring everyone with an interest together and have a rational discussion about a topic.... Which is kind of our thing, actually. Come do it with us. Or don't. I'm not your boss.


Club Of The Month -- Leftist Club was the CLEAR winner this month. They've been incredibly active lately and are turning into the example of what we want our Subclubs to look like.

Subclub Events -- We've seen a major spike is subclub events recently and it's been fantastic for activity overall. Just in the past few weeks we've seen 45 SUBCLUB EVENTS. Whether that's to discuss anime and mangoo, the impending failure of liberal democracy, or just to have a Talent Show. It's been a great month and we're excited about seeing what you guys do in the next one.

Event Of The Month -- I did mention the Talent Show, right? Yeah, well that was some hilarious fun and you guys in the Music Club deserved that win. Do that more often it was awesome.




PROMOTIONS -- THEY DOING A CHANGING SOON, TOO! Karma is your new best friend.

PERMISSIONS -- They actually did change. We'll let you know more about it soon (in the server), but basically you just ain't doin cool shit if you ain't a citizen.