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We are an educational platform, dedicated to open dialogue, quality discourse, and civil debate with a primary focus on creating a positive and safe environment that celebrates self-improvement.

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We are an educational platform, dedicated to open dialogue, quality discourse, and civil debate with a primary focus on creating a positive and safe environment that celebrates self-improvement.

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America Did An Election

... And we're all being very civil about the outcome. Right? RIGHT? Not a chance, but we are enjoying the memes and the looming possibility of mass civil unrest. We're gonna try this UPDATE a bit different. I say "different", but what I really mean to say is "shorter" because I'm "lazy" and I'll have done two of these updates already and honestly... I'm tired. You're probably tired too. Come rest your head on my lap while I read you this lovely monthly recap.


Mark Ledwich -- came for an AMA and taught us how he disproved the idea that YouTube radicalizes people through its recommendations algorithm.

Debate Tournament mk2 -- We're still at it with the final weeks of the second CC Debate Tournament and it's gone well. We started this month out with some spicy debates about SCOTUS topics in honor of some old woman who should have retired 12 years ago. We've trimmed the fat off this ladder and we're in the final stretches -- so if you want to hear the best debates this tournament has to offer, now's the time to get the popcorn and the invite link.

Furry Round Table -- Honestly I'm not really sure what to say here... We did a Furry Round Table and we're all a little disappointed in ourselves, but apparently it was a good time. It went on for FIVE HOURS. Honestly, I'm not sure how Alice managed to survive through that.

Halloween Masquerade -- As is tradition, we had a bit of a costume party in the ol' "Calliopean Coven". We dun theme'd er' up and made it all real spooky-like. The whole day was weird. We had mods dressed up as other mods, users dressed up as bots, bots dressed up as -- no, actually the bots didn't partake. Anyway, it was fun. I was a toilet. I flushed. It was a good time. But nobody had as good a time as 7 as John Cena. Nobody saw him ALL day, read the nomination they received. Naturally, they won the Gift Card we offered up as a prize.

Election STUFF -- America did another election, shockingly. We watched some news coverage of the election night... Yelled at Skipples for screwing up timing on stuff... Yelled at eachother... Yelled at the screen... Went to bed very depressed... Actually, those last two were mainly me.

Round Tables -- Kyosan has been hosting some weekly round tables recently, and we're not gonna stop him. We had one just yesterday, actually, about the US Election. Shocking! It's actually just kinda nice to bring everyone with an interest together and have a rational discussion about a topic.... Which is kind of our thing, actually. Come do it with us. Or don't. I'm not your boss.


Club Of The Month -- Leftist Club was the CLEAR winner this month. They've been incredibly active lately and are turning into the example of what we want our Subclubs to look like.

Subclub Events -- We've seen a major spike is subclub events recently and it's been fantastic for activity overall. Just in the past few weeks we've seen 45 SUBCLUB EVENTS. Whether that's to discuss anime and mangoo, the impending failure of liberal democracy, or just to have a Talent Show. It's been a great month and we're excited about seeing what you guys do in the next one.

Event Of The Month -- I did mention the Talent Show, right? Yeah, well that was some hilarious fun and you guys in the Music Club deserved that win. Do that more often it was awesome.




PROMOTIONS -- THEY DOING A CHANGING SOON, TOO! Karma is your new best friend.

PERMISSIONS -- They actually did change. We'll let you know more about it soon (in the server), but basically you just ain't doin cool shit if you ain't a citizen.

We Remembered!

Oh, hey… We remembered! Someone mark this on the calendar! Oh, right we didn’t follow through with that idea… Never mind! On with the update!... I’m gonna have to write a lot of these, aren’t I?

We made it another month without a meteor hitting or a life-changing event and, frankly, I call that a success. We did, however, make a weekly SCHEDULE of (potentially) life changing events on Calliopean Club! Every Monday and Thursday YOU get a ping telling you exactly what events we’re having that week! Interested in one? Click the emoji react and you’ll receive a ping when the event you wanted to join starts up!

Outside of useful changes, we also made… CHANGES! The club system got that revamp we talked about and everyone was totally happy and nobody had pitchforks out for about a week and a half -- promise! We, totally unrelated to the peace and happiness those changes sparked, also added the “Observer” role (We tried for a creepier name, but had a difficult time deciding). It lets you do stuff with all the clubs instead of the 5 you’re now limited to.

SubClubs? SUBCLUBS? Clubs? Subs? Whatever, this is confusing. We keep changing the branding. Speaking of changes… DECAPRE! He’s the new adult in charge of our staff team that administers our Subclubs. Over the past month he’s totally revamped the way we organize the clubs, rank them based on a number of metrics, and schedule events. Just wanted to include this because of how much we appreciate his work.

I have no segue for this, but… Mom (ERIS) made a Twitter account. Our FEARLESS leader decided to venture forth into the wild unknown of social media and has made an account for… dog pictures? I’m contractually not allowed to disagree with her FANTASTIC choices so I think we can all agree that this is amazing. Follow her. Please. If you don’t I might get the hose again.

WE STILL NEED MODS! For a server like Calliopean Club to exist, we need constant moderation to maintain the level of quality we advertise and expect. Join the server, talk a bit, and see if you like it enough to dedicate some spare time to moderate it. If you find you're interested, fill this out and we'll review it.

Bulletpoints! Don't like reading? Well, too bad -- but here's some bullet points to make it easy for you, pumpkin.

  • Bi-weekly schedule with optional notifications for events that you're interested in via bot-emoji integration
  • Observer role to replace all-clubs role for users who want to join more than the limit of 5 active clubs
  • Decapre is the new head of Team Clubs and he's doing great work. If you have questions, ask him... Or the bot. Up to you.
  • A boomer made a Twitter account for dog pictures. Here's a link:
  • We NEED mods. Join the server. Be a good, active user, and apply. Seriously. We've grown. You've grown. We need you. You need us. Here's a link:

We're Doing These Again! (Part 1)

Taps microphone Is this thing on..? Good! Alright, it’s been a while since we’ve done an update here. I accept no responsibility for this oversight. Now that we’ve established who to blame (not me), let’s move on to what we’ve actually been up to since we last spoke. Over the past few months we’ve had a number of amazing AMAs, a bunch of server events, and made a number of changes! We’ll start listing stuff again in the next update, but for this one I just wanted to give an overview of what’s been happening, some of our plans for this month, and an annoyingly brief look at what we’re looking to do in the near future. Intro completed, moving on. Also this is a multi-part update. Deal with it.

EVENTS! I’m only gonna go over some of MY favorite events we hosted in the past few months, to avoid having to turn this into a 10-part miniseries. The first event I have to choose as my favorite (to avoid being whipped by the dictator-in-chief) is, OF COURSE, our SECOND ANNIVERSARY! February was a big month for us. We turned TWO!... We also had daily events for a week straight, alongside a vote for the server’s favorite Calliopean Champion -- or Calliopean Colossus (Ausfox, quite rightfully, won the cool new title.. Just don’t tell him I think he deserved it). We’re already planning our third year’s festivities, but WE’RE NOT SHARING… yet.

If you’ve seen our AMAs in the past, you’ll know we normally try to aim for scholars, intellectuals, authors, etc… Well, we branched out a bit since the last update. What do I mean by that? Weeeell… We had Joshua Dial from Tiger King, and Miltos Yerolemou from Game Of Thrones. I may be a bit biased, but they were pretty freakin cool. You can see those two and the rest of our AMAs on our YouTube channel (link is on the website, yo)... They’re all great, but those two really stood out for me personally.

We do events outside of AMAs, too! Our biggest and longest-running event we’ve had recently has been our FORMAL DEBATE TOURNAMENTS! We’re actually well into our second tournament as I write this out, but our first one was amazing and ended with Tayo clawing his way to victory over Astrea and 25 other competitors, just barely. We’re well into our SECOND DEBATE TOURNAMENT having just finished up our first round debates and working on the second with over 60 people (over doubling our first tournament’s participation btw). The winner is still well up in the air, but I definitely have a few favorites by now. JOIN US if you haven’t already, even if it’s only to see these debates. They’re oddly enjoyable to watch, especially with our spectator gallery text chat freaking out during the debates. Events Out.


We're Doing These Again! (Part 2)

Welcome to Part 2 of the EPIC "we're done forgetting to write these so we made someone else do them" update!

CHANGES! I did promise we’d talk about some of the basic changes we made too, so let’s go over those all quick-like. OUR WEBSITE LOOKS PRETTY NOW! Our glorious leader went and changed our entire colour scheme recently and, shockingly, it's an improvement! The link is on the sidebar. Look at it. I like it. You’ll like it. We’ll both like it. Beyond our website changing colours and going through some ch-ch-changes, we also TOTALLY REORGANIZED OUR CHANNELS and now they’re pretty too. Good for them! Seriously, though, it looks really good now. Check it out. Oh, I saved the best for last, by the way. We totally AUTOMATED our INITIATION SYSTEM. Our old system of having mods manually accept applications became an issue with the ever-increasing volume of applicants. As such, we convinced the Calliopean Bot to take over and deal with it so we can go back to being lazy. It’s actually been incredibly effective. We have a nauseating amount of statistics showing how amazing the bot is at doing our jobs for us and it confirms that she’s better than us in every way. We should probably just give the bot Calliopean Champion if I’m being honest. She deserves it.

Lastly, and I’m not going to go into detail about this one as we’re still finalizing some things, but we made some sweeping changes to our SUB CLUB system to improve not only server navigation, but to improve the quality and overall activity of our Sub Clubs and the server as a whole. We’ll have a more detailed breakdown of the changes, what it affected, and our plans moving forward in the next update (next month).

Second Lastly, WE NEED MODS! With the massive influx of users we’ve seen in the past few months we’ve never needed mods more than we do now. That means YOU, our beautiful text-chatters, and YOU, our voice-bois (and girls, obviously… I just liked the way that sounded). We need people who understand our mission, community, and how to remain impartial. If you think you fit the description and want to help CALLIOPEAN CLUB thrive, go to our website linked on the sidebar. We’re always reading the applications and we’re always watching for active people who we feel could make a great addition to the team.

And that’s all I’ve got to say about that… Until next month where I get forced to do another one of these. Woo! Skipples out.

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