Oh, hey… We remembered! Someone mark this on the calendar! Oh, right we didn’t follow through with that idea… Never mind! On with the update!... I’m gonna have to write a lot of these, aren’t I?

We made it another month without a meteor hitting or a life-changing event and, frankly, I call that a success. We did, however, make a weekly SCHEDULE of (potentially) life changing events on Calliopean Club! Every Monday and Thursday YOU get a ping telling you exactly what events we’re having that week! Interested in one? Click the emoji react and you’ll receive a ping when the event you wanted to join starts up!

Outside of useful changes, we also made… CHANGES! The club system got that revamp we talked about and everyone was totally happy and nobody had pitchforks out for about a week and a half -- promise! We, totally unrelated to the peace and happiness those changes sparked, also added the “Observer” role (We tried for a creepier name, but had a difficult time deciding). It lets you do stuff with all the clubs instead of the 5 you’re now limited to.

SubClubs? SUBCLUBS? Clubs? Subs? Whatever, this is confusing. We keep changing the branding. Speaking of changes… DECAPRE! He’s the new adult in charge of our staff team that administers our Subclubs. Over the past month he’s totally revamped the way we organize the clubs, rank them based on a number of metrics, and schedule events. Just wanted to include this because of how much we appreciate his work.

I have no segue for this, but… Mom (ERIS) made a Twitter account. Our FEARLESS leader decided to venture forth into the wild unknown of social media and has made an account for… dog pictures? I’m contractually not allowed to disagree with her FANTASTIC choices so I think we can all agree that this is amazing. Follow her. Please. If you don’t I might get the hose again.

WE STILL NEED MODS! For a server like Calliopean Club to exist, we need constant moderation to maintain the level of quality we advertise and expect. Join the server, talk a bit, and see if you like it enough to dedicate some spare time to moderate it. If you find you're interested, fill this out and we'll review it. https://tinyurl.com/r2adxhp

Bulletpoints! Don't like reading? Well, too bad -- but here's some bullet points to make it easy for you, pumpkin.

  • Bi-weekly schedule with optional notifications for events that you're interested in via bot-emoji integration
  • Observer role to replace all-clubs role for users who want to join more than the limit of 5 active clubs
  • Decapre is the new head of Team Clubs and he's doing great work. If you have questions, ask him... Or the bot. Up to you.
  • A boomer made a Twitter account for dog pictures. Here's a link: https://twitter.com/cc_eris
  • We NEED mods. Join the server. Be a good, active user, and apply. Seriously. We've grown. You've grown. We need you. You need us. Here's a link: https://tinyurl.com/r2adxhp