Patch Notes 1.49.1

Patch Notes 1.49.1

Several Asteroid fields have been modified to fix some collision issues.

More 'loot boxes' have been moved slightly to allow better access.

An issue with the Turbo lift on Gal-Fed Hub 1 has now been resolved. No more portals to another location lol. Nicely reported @ram2000. The lifts in question will become activated at a given Faction ranking giving access to further decks later in-game.

Derelicts explored should now count correctly. Unclear why but steam did not pick up on this change when I released 1.49.0 Apologies these will now count.

Thanks to the constant flow of feedback (from a few of you) I'm getting on top of the spelling mistakes. Spelling is my personal poor spot so hit me when you see them :) Please either include an image or at a minimum the location and system - action etc. All reporting via our discord channel, please.

Scenery issues were fixed on a number of the Explorable planets. Again from reports so thank you @DellBoy, Dstar7, @Ram2000.

I'm currently working on a new slew of NPC's with a lot more missions whilst I wait for feedback and bug tracking with the current content, along with tweaks and balancing effects.

As always if you wish to help in any way with the Captain Hannon project please come on in to our Discord Channel. Have a chat, make a suggestion, make a friend or log a bug for us.

Everyone's welcome :)