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Charlie had been desperate to get off Morland after being without a ship for over a year. He’d saved every credit he could to pay the deposit on the freighter. Perhaps in hindsight, purchasing the Belanzano wasn't the greatest plan but it was a start!

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Charlie had been desperate to get off Morland after being without a ship for over a year. He’d saved every credit he could to pay the deposit on the freighter. Perhaps in hindsight, purchasing the Belanzano wasn't the greatest plan but it was a start!

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Release 1.45 Crafting & More

Release 1.45 Crafting & More

Release 1.45

Been a few weeks since the last update but I've been busy working on many many aspects of Hannon. I have also been working with those reporting any issues they find, plus attempting to merge as many fixes and updates into this release as I could.

Derelicts Let's start with these. I have added four more to the growing list of Derelicts you can have ZED locate for you. Derelicts are now based within certain Captain level boundaries. So as you progress deeper and deeper into the game so you will start to have the opportunity to explore new derelicts.

I have also added in your old Bio Bug's to some of these derelicts. You'll hear them hatch, a distinctive sound. These will home in on your body heat, so deal with them quickly!

More New Art Thanks to Igor's hard work we now have more new art coming in each week. (also due to your support). We have new artwork for some of the terminals. This has started to replace older styles.

As we build new systems this will be used more and more to give a visual flavour to locations. Our thanks to Igor for his pixel artwork.

Crafting Arrives! This release adds in the first version of in-game Crafting. Been a lot of work and a big thank you to SMO for all his hard work. I have created a company called 'Atlas Crafting Services'.

They have a new terminal and you can find these dotted around the Galaxy. Crafting comes in two stages in Hannon. Schematics and crafting. The first part is collecting, purchasing earning Schematics.

I have added a 'Schematics' screen to your normal 'Espace Menu'. Means you can access any schematics you have at any time you can access the escape menu. Schematics themselves can be Purchased from Vendors and will start to appear as mission rewards and Terminal missions.

In this first instance, I have added a low-level Schematic vendor Carra Dira over on Gal-Fed Hub 1 in Danar.

Carra will sell you an initial set of schematics. You will note that you can ONLY purchase 1 of each. This will be true of rewards, vendors or any method of obtaining a schematic. No point in multiples so I've strived to ensure you don't end up with them, or have to keep checking all the time.

I suggest you start off purchasing and test driving crafting with the Crafting Frame schematic. This is the most basic module and is used in just about every build.

You will see that you have a Crafting Skill. This starts at Zero and you will need to craft items to raise this. Each schematic has a crafting skill requirement and you need not only the resources but the skill to build any given item. The higher value the schematic the more skill you will gain.

Items are crafted using Modules - displayed top right of any build and resources Bottom right. You will see the crafting station work's out for you if you have enough of an item. Displaying a lack of in Red and a Green number if you have enough.

Meet all the requirements and you will see a Build Now button appear in the bottom right. So you don't accidentally build item you need to utilise the Mouse and click on this button. You will get a pop-up confirmation fo the build process and the end item will be placed in your Inventory.

Schematics are currently broken up into Eight categories/types. You can expect these to grow over time. When purchasing keep an eye on this.

As I said earlier, we have added a Schematics view screen from your escape menu. So you don't have to go find a crafting terminal to review your schematics you can do it on the fly at any land-based location where the escape menu is accessible.

So, to get started with crafting pop on over and speak with Carra Dira over on Gal-Fed Hub 1 in Danar.

For the Full release notes check out :

Patch Notes 1.44

Patch Notes 1.44

Patch Notes 1.44

NPC's have now been added with missions that end in the awarding of the Phaser, Missile Launcher and Disruptor. This goes alongside the Rail Gun and Mining laser.

These are the base weapons for the Shuttles combat element and form the first Five slots. These will upgradeable as we progress.

Fixed Autocannon being used for mining, was not meant to be and now only mining 'weapons' will work on asteroids. Remember these types of weapons will not drain ship-based energy.

Further optimisation for performance. Regen of health and Energy moved to a separate method. This should resolve any issues. But PLEASE report any performance issues on the Discord Channel.

Tweaked player ship-based weapons. Including giving Mining laser a crit ability and a 25% variance in it's damage.

Increased damage for Missile Launcher, Dual Rail Cannon, Phaser Array and Disruptor Cannon.

Altered the approach distance on the new art terminals, so the captain can get closer to them. Please report any + location that he can't.

Removed the F5 option from the base engine. You may not have noticed, but pressing F5 took you directly back to the loading menu and lost any playtime since the last save. Not great, so this has been removed.

Pirate loot is has been moved to the Salvage Section and can be salvaged into multiple resources. Keep hold of some as future NPC's will also require these.

Along with Bounty Hunters dropping Dog Tags, normal pirates will now begin to drop differing types of dog tags. Collect these for Military based missions from Terminals and upcoming NPC's. Note the drop is random, so don't expect one on every kill.

Some enemies will now be tougher, have more HP and access to missiles. Take note when you spot these ships as they can be difficult more of a challenge in groups. If you are outside their normal weapons range they will continue to fire missiles at you!

At this stage, they do NOT have homing missiles, but that is expected as the enemies get tougher.

A new slew of Artwork has filtered through and is being added as I move from section to section. A big thank you to Igor for his stellar work.

Patch Notes 1.43

Patch Notes 1.43

Derelicts This release adds the Full functions of Derelicts to the game. Derelicts can be thought of as abandoned mini stations, ships lost adrift in space. Pretty much anything that can be found in space that might prove interesting to explore.

You already have a Space Suit which you will 'don' automatically when leaving the shuttle to begin exploring. Zed will check this for you and also warn you about the dangers and the use of Oxygen whilst wandering derelicts.

There is a new bar that appears at the bottom of the screen that indicates your Oxygen level. You can top this up at any time using Oxygen Bottles. These can be found in varied locations or purchased from various NPC's.

I would suggest topping up on these initially till you get a feel for the O2 drain. If you run out, all is not lost... but you will begin to feel the strain of hypoxia and eventually without a supply of O2 you will collapse.

ZED will inform you when he has spotted a possible Derelict and offer you the choice of attempting to explore it or pass. If you choose not to, then it's lost to you and you will need to wait for the next one to be spotted.

Derelicts are a GREAT way to pick up resources, salvage and weapon parts. They are also the home of space slugs and nasty space vermin. So keep one eye on your O2 and the other on your ammo counter!

Make sure to check every nook and cranny on a derelict as you will find them to be a treasure trove of goodies!

The TYPE of derelict that spawns is random. I will be adding more of these to the collection but don't be surprised if you see the same one more than once initially :)

Weapons This release adds the first of the weapon parts. These come as loots mostly on derelicts (at the moment). You will locate these from locked chests/crates. I hope you have plenty of Lock Picks and some extra energy drinks or bars!

The weapon sections count as Salvage and as such, you can simply sell them off or salvage them into resources. Of course, it would be wise to collect a full set of each weapon then visit the new 'Weapon Assembly' Terminal.

Not all weapons are the same - Lasers, Streamers, Blasters and Needlers. All these guns have varying damage, ammo capacity and things like Range and speed. You will need to figure out which is best for you over time.

Weapons Assembly Terminal This is a new terminal that will offer (based on your level) a selection of weapon builds. You will need to have collected at least 1 of each of the weapon parts (generally 4) and choose the correct weapon for assembly.

The terminal will take the weapon parts along with a fee for the processing and registering of the new weapon. If everything goes as planned you will have access to a new weapon to add to your small but growing arsenal.

The new terminals have been placed around the Galaxy - go find em!

Weapon Shuffle All-new weapons assembled in this fashion are level locked and you will need to be at or above the level to fit them.

The hand-held weapons have been given a slight reshuffle and also information added to their info bio's. This includes things like Range, Damage, Magazine Capacity (before reload), Speed and also if the item has a level requirement. (Lower speed means faster weapon fire).

Diagonal Movement I have decided for now to temporarily remove the 'Diagonal' movement. It was only working for Keyboard users and had some issues in the game when used in certain situations. I will be adding it back in at some point, but only when I have found both a keyboard and mouse solution that doesn't have a frame-rate impact and does not cause glitches.

Save 'Load Screen' I have removed the Actor Image (hey it's you) from the Load / Save screen. This gives us plenty more room to track lots more factions and interesting stats. This has no effect other than for visual and informative changes coming later.

Optimize Removed Hannon is not an entirely linear game. So what works well for one player may be scoffed and scorned at by another. Hence the 'Optimize' button in the equip screen was redundant. This has now been removed.

Again at some stage we will visit the Equip screen with a large 'Bash Stick' and see if we can resolve some of its 'Awkwardness' For now the Optimize has been removed.

New Terminal Artwork We now have entirely new Terminal Artwork. A big thank you for the Artistic services of Egor. Hopefully, we will be seeing more of the game scenery updated with the help of Egor. Support permitting.

You will have to re-learn what each terminal looks like but now they are fairly distinct, so won't take you to long to get them in your head. I have held a few back for use later with other companies we will bring online as the game expands.

Read the FULL dev post over here :


Patch Notes 1.42a

Patch Notes 1.42a

Patch Notes 1.42a

Hi, there fellow Captains. A small update patch today. With a mix of changes updates and fixes. A quick shout out to those reporting bugs and issues, plus a special mention to Ram2000 for his help going over the recent changes.

Speed / Performance Issue With each main update, we have been adding more and more content. More methods and systems under the hood. These are great for content and moving the game forward, but it seems I got a bit carried away at some stage recently :)

I narrowed down the issue, and this patch will remove any slow down performance issues that have been introduced lately. Apologies if this caused you issues.

Kurgan dock Seems there were some errant terminals on Kurgan Dock that refused to acknowledge your presence :) These have now been resolved.

I have also fixed the terminals on the lower deck. These were not correctly auto-completing missions if you had the correct resources.

Shopping List The text for the shopping list 1 through 4 did not make it clear that whilst each part was a single mission, to complete them you need ALL four parts of the shopping list to fully complete. Return to ZED back on the Belanzano with all four parts to complete that stage of the mission. This has now been updated.

Asteroids I have decided to make some changes to the Asteroid 'HP' Values. These were all static and after feedback and watching the mining 'in the wild' it became apparent a small shuffle was in order.

So each ore now has a value based on its rarity. With the High law level ores having a lower HP and the Lower law level (rare) asteroids having a larger HP.

Sector Six After reviewing players visiting Sector Six in Feris it was apparent that we needed to stop the onslaught of attacks whilst 'reading the warning' :) You should now find you can enter the sector, read the statement from the pirates BEFORE they try to tear strips off your ships hull.

Miner / Pirate Attack A small bug slipped in the last update that meant that all Asteroid Mining attacks were generating the same higher level Pirates. I have now re-coded this so the attacking Pirate forces are based on the local law level.

So sticking to Law Level 12, 11 will spawn the lower / easier level 1,2 type pirates whilst moving deeper into 10,9,8 etc will spawn harder and harder pirates.

George Town At this time the selection of handheld weapons is slim. (intentionally) but it had become apparent that some of you were missing the Crytec Phaser on New Orion. (four-part crate with self-assembly).

So until I add the crafting weapon collection system, I have ensured that should you NOT have the Crytek Phaser (or better) the guards will offer you a 'spare' laser to ensure you have something a little better than the base laser pistol.

They will only offer this IF you have unlocked the George Town pass and started working for the NPC's before entering the desert.

George Town - Respawn There is a separate medical centre on George Town, so it made very little sense to ship you back to Starbase-51 if / when you were incapacitated and respawned.

So now any respawns on George town will take you to the 'local' Med centre.

Lastly, I fixed the mission log for Albert Caruthers. There was an inconsistency in what he claimed to want and the actual amount he would accept :)


Patch Notes 1.42

Patch Notes 1.42

Patch Notes 1.42

Added additional dock ship image artwork for certain stations. Currently looking into making the stations more random with ships docking and undocking based on random events.

More Enemy ships added to the database for deployment and use in-game. A few of these have been added to the roster for Pirate activity and also for attacking groups whilst mining.

Pressing 'G-Key' whilst on land / docked will bring up the Galactic Database directly.

The Galactic Database has been given a second pass. The guides have now been completed (first draft) and also the systems and factions now all have their relevant live data. This forms the backbone of the history and factions of the game.

Changes were made to the Galactic Database so that content on the right-hand data screen can now be scrolled. Use the up / down arrow keys to achieve this once it's the active pane. Smoothing was added to aid in this approach to adding longer database items.

Still working on the Derelict systems. Added Oxygen Bottles that will now be added to the bar automatically, and when wearing a spacesuit an Oxygen bar will appear.

The bar will count down as time progresses or until you refill it from an Oxygen Bottle. When O2 drops to Zero you will begin to take damage. At around 20% Oxygen a small auditory and visual alarm is activated.

Climbing back on board your space ship or a pressurised environment will disengage the O2 meter and any warnings will be cancelled. Your current O2 will also be topped back up.

All the above are currently in this build but I need to complete the Derelicts themselves before activating this.

Spotted an issue with a few of the asteroid fields. The spawn rate for the asteroids was incorrect. This was leading to a low-density of asteroids being spawned.

I have increased the overall spawn amount of asteroids in each system and especially in Arlington. I have once again readdressed the issue of pirates spawning whilst mining. Hopefully, this latest modification will make them less annoying or frequent, whilst maintaining the threat.

Loot for combat has now been given a new kick in the pants along with more loots added, the loot drops ranges themselves have been widened.

Several small tweaks have been made to the HUD overlay. These are cosmetic and will not in any way affect the player but were made for uniformity.

Fixed loot boxes on Starbase-51. Was still some issues with a few of them, these should now work as intended.

Fixed an issue with some of the flying Strife on Geroge Town. Some were hard to get to due to pathing, this has been resolved with some slight map modifications.

Rechecked Medbay player spawning after incapacitation via ship and on foot. As far as I can tell thus now works in all instances in all systems/locations. Please report if you find otherwise.

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