Release Notes 1.49.0

Release Notes 1.49

The last few weeks have been one of collecting reported issues and fixing them, whilst working on some aspects of the game for stability. This version brings nothing new to the content but is just as important. Please check the fixes and updates.

LAG The first issue that's been hounding us since the first week of release is Lag. By that, I mean in some situations the game becoming unplayable due to system lag.

Working with DStar7 and SMO I believe we have got to the bottom of it and with a lot of testing and re-editing, I believe it's now been resolved. You should note that the publicised minimum spec for Captain Hannon is an Intel I3. We did all our testing on an I3 laptop and an I5 Nuc, both with 4gb's of Ram on Windows 10.

Milage may vary at around the I3 level, for instance, old Dual & Quad cores have been reporting it plays fine, while others have some lag issues Which I HOPE this version now resolves.

If you still have issues please come to our Discord Channel and log the issue along with your System spec for us. I'm more than happy to look into the dark corners to see if we can help.

FIXES Fixed a load of spelling issues - keep em coming those of you reporting them Dstar7, Kronner, Ram2000, Sillybot. Again, come on into our discord channel (Links on the front of the game loading screen, if you cant, find it) :)

We have dedicated bug channels and if you are active in that fashion you'll get invited into our Best Testers Beta Group. Regardless, all the reporting the better.

There was an issue with several exterior buildings where you could get on to the roof - Grats on spotting that one! Both instances have now been resolved.

Venom spitters in the Badlands were using a X2 hit mechanic. Whilst this was initially planned, this has now been reduced to a single hit mechanic.

Fixed several issues where crates could not be accessed. Nothing worse than spotting a crate on the far side of the screen and no way to get to it. Keep reporting anything like this.

Fixed several more terminals that were either non-functioning or didn't work as expected.

Fixed face plate images for a few incorrect enemies, if you spot any please report them via Discord Bug channel.

I decided to add another stat to the stats / faction screen. This time 'Derelicts Explored'. So from 1,49 onwards, it will count the derelicts you visit. We will use this value for future missions offers and faction-based items.

You can access the Factions screen using the F-key anywhere in the game that its accessible.

Lastly, I decided to add a 'Version Number' on the loading screen. It allows you to quickly check you ARE running the latest steam copy. The version number (in this instance 1.49.0) sits bottom right of the main menu screen.

For small intermediate patches, we will now start to roll the last digit.