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Charlie had been desperate to get off Morland after being without a ship for over a year. He’d saved every credit he could to pay the deposit on the freighter. Perhaps in hindsight, purchasing the Belanzano wasn't the greatest plan but it was a start!

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Charlie had been desperate to get off Morland after being without a ship for over a year. He’d saved every credit he could to pay the deposit on the freighter. Perhaps in hindsight, purchasing the Belanzano wasn't the greatest plan but it was a start!

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Release Hannon 1.48

Release Hannon 1.48

Game Reset This release (1.48) marks a milestone in the progress of Hannon. Sadly this also means a reset on you're part. We have made many significant background and storyline changes that requires us to ask you to restart your Hannon Early Access journey.

During Early Access we hope to keep this to an absolute minimum and only expect another 'possible' reset when we move to 'Cooperative online play', but that's a way off and still only theoretical depending upon Early Access support over time.

A lot has been added and changed since the initial release so it's probably as good a time as any to get you to do a restart and start afresh.

Also, a lot of the Early combat and missions have been rebalanced to make it a 'better experience' - Feedback, as always is very much welcome. Come visit us in our Hannon Discord Server

HTA Terminals I have spent the time now to completely revamp the Human Trade Alliance terminals. First off, they should now ALL function. H.T.A. Missions can now be randomly chosen from any terminal to deliver Communiques to NPC's all over the game. Repeatable earning credits and Faction XP.

The Human Trade Alliance terminals will offer missions based on your level. Which should mean you don't get missions to go into deep space early on but as you rise in rank these will come up for offer.

As I said above these missions are repeatable so it's worth starting to note down who's where' and what locations are in each system.

Mining I have decided to go back on my lockout of the Autocannon for use in mining.

You can now use the Auto Cannon to mine with 'If you so choose'. It is still not an effective method of mining and is in my mind a costly approach, but it is handy to chip away those last few HP sections of an asteroid.

Bare in mind that the initial Mining laser is just a starting weapon for the mining of Asteroids and will be followed by others. But for now feel free to 'chip away' at roids with your Autocannon if it pleases you.

This was partly from Feedback and partly from self testing, it just goes to show that YOU can have an affect on a game during its development.

Wesbec Medical Services I have revamped all the Medical Terminals. These are now all cctive and linked to 'Wesbec Medical Services'. If you have completed enough of the base storyline to unlock the Jump Gates you can take delivery missions from these terminals.

Deliveries have to be made to 'other' Med bays through the current Galaxy. These missions are repeatable and gain credits, captain XP and faction XP. Again time to start making notes of where locations are in relation to the systems.

I have added the Wesbec Services to the 'Faction screen' now so you can begin to track that faction.

New NPC's You will now find many new NPC's dotted throughout the current Galaxy that are accessible once you reach a certain levels of Faction. Such as with the Human Trade Alliance, Ashar and Wesbec Medical Services.

I'll leave you to locate these and work out their activation points. again you may want to take a note of these for later use as you come across them.


Sector 9 collect Novastone mission. This is no longer a static mission and simply becomes a repeatable hand in like some of the others we have been adding over the last few releases.

Starbase-51 Operations deck has been given a makeover making it easier to get back to the docking bay from the med bay and also to the cargo deck.

I have edited Ashar missions for the early stage to make them easier to take. Initially starting very close and spiralling out as you gain Ashar Faction. This should make it easier to begin to gain Ashar Faction early on in the game.

Once you open up access past Feris Central and then the Jump Gates, you will start to be offered mission much further afield. Don't forget these are also linked to your Ashar Faction. So you will need to put in the time delivering these and raising that faction.

Fixed spawns in Sector 9, they seem to have stopped after completing the main storyline mission there. They are now back to normal spawns, including the pirate mining rockhoppers.

Redone MOST of the movement toons. So, where the NPC's are wandering around, almost all these have been redone. Along with a new dozen or so added throughout the game. All of these have now been sent to 'non-pass' so you can't walk through them.

I have done this to enable stopping them (to talk to) FAAAR easier. I have also ensured that they don't overlap or trap you. Sure you may have to wait for a few seconds for them to exit your path but they won't impede your overall progress.


Release Notes 1.47

Release Notes 1.47

This release is packed with a lot of core changes and updates. I will list the more important ones here and leave you to find the extra bits yourself. After all, what's the fun If I tell you where everyone is :)

Seriously though. This build allows me to plan for some major storyline changes come in the next release. At that time we will be asking players to do their first Early Access 'Restart'. It was inevitable that we would have to ask players top do this at some stage and I've don't my very best to not force this on you just yet.

Please continue to play and test out Hannon until the next release. Your feedback and suggestions are more than gratefully received so keep them up.

Changes to the Inventory I have added a 'Parts' tab to the inventory. Now modules that are crafted will go to this section. Also, the weapon parts will be stored here.

I also took this opportunity to add an 'Organic' tab to the inventory. Now modules that are animal/food-related will go to this tab.

Please feel free to contact me and let me know if I have missed categorising an item that you think should be in one of these two new categories. Hopefully, this will go a long way to making inventory control a little easier over time.

Mining & Harvesting Because it just didn't sound right and to be honest I figured it would eventually need changing I have renamed the Mining Rig (Flora) to Harvester Rig (Flora). This should indicate that the item whilst being a 'Rig' is designed to 'harvest' resources, flora to you and me.

Leading on from this, both Habitats Nina and Loki can now be farmed using the Flora Harvester. Two new Flora based resources have been added. These are safe for human consumption after all you wouldn't want to go harvesting flora from an alien world now, would you?

Those clever boffin's have created safe flora that can be used in your crafting food schematics.

New Food Crafting Vendor Another Schematic Vendor added to Daedalus Port - carries various food-based crafting schematics. As we move further into the game and storyline you'll be crafting more than just 'Engineered'; items so the crafting system can now be used for all kinds of builds.

Commercial Store Commercial Storage now also covers Parts and Organics, this correlates to the addition of those two categories in your inventory. Also, the system has been overhauled and stores items in stacks, each stack now counts off as 1 against the overall volume. So now you can have 5000 stacks of 9,999 items... errr that's a LOT of storage :)

Check out the full release notes on steam :

Release 1.46 - Mining & Exploration

Release 1.46 - Mining & Exploration

Patch Notes 1.46

New Mining System We now have a new Mining system in Hannon. As each planet, biome is expanded and created it also gets new Mining Spawn locations. These can be utilised to Mining resources out fo the ground using a real-time Mining Rig system.

ORSA License Each Planet will require you to locate and purchase an ORSA mining license. There are new NPC's that have been added to the game to sell these licenses.

For the initial starting locations I'm going to list them and their locations, after that you will need to find the rest yourself as they are added.

Jonas Hawk - ORSA Agent. Located on George Town Alby Patterson - ORSA Agent. Located on New Orion Nelis Strand - ORSA Agent. Located on Starbase-51 Harlen Potter - ORSA Agent. Located on Oesabi Landing

You will generally find the ORSA Agents nearby or on the planet in question.

Mining Rigs Once you have a License and locate a Spawn ZED will tell you what type of Mining Rig is required. You can also check this in advance via the Galactic Database. I have updated it to display the new resources and their Mining requirements.

There are FIVE distinct Mining Rigs

Mining Rig (Mineral) Mining Rig (Metal) Mining Rig (Liquid) Mining Rig (Flora) Mining Rig (Gas)

These are player crafted using schematics. We added the base schematics in the last update and this one sees the FULL FIVE Mining Rigs added.

Again to not make you search the entire Galaxy looking for these schematic vendors below is a list and where to find them. Each mining rig needs to be crafted and you're likely to need more than one of each type.

Tislar Pulot on Habitat Nina (Flora) Ramna Artoli on New Orion (Metal) Sammi Krell on Eden (Liquid) Carra Dira On Galfed Hub 1 (Mineral) Kimi Sander George Town (Gas)

These are basic Mining Rigs, they come with a 500 Unit Hopper and will as stated earlier mine in Real-Time. This means you can deploy a collection of Mining Rigs, log out and come back later and they will continue to mine whilst you're away or even offline!

Generally speaking, these basic ones take approximately 24 hours to fill the hopper but you can pull the Rig and empty its hopper at any time.

For the full patch notes read here :


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