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Discuss and debate American politics in a server with a unique role system and a healthy diversity of views.
Discuss and debate American politics in a server with a unique role system and a healthy diversity of views.
We are a professional discord focused on making customized discord bots. Just leave a request of any type of bot you would like.
Apuity6 is the one stop shop for Discord Bot Development! Do you need a Discord bot developed for you/your server? Head on over to Apuity6! We will do our best to make you proud!
Upgrade.Chat is a STRIPE VERIFIED Partner Bot that allows server owners to sell roles and subscriptions via discord. -Sell one time roles or subscriptions -Bot can speak in 12+ languages -One Week, One Month Subs & More -Custom Server Terms of Service -Remove user if they stop paying -Coupons for Roles (One time / Forever) -Much More!
Here is the website link.
Trading, Selling, and Hiring discord server buy, trade, and hire.
a server for selling and buying roblox in-game: money, furniture, transport, help etc
Join now to buy premium accounts!
Buy here $ (bloxburg money) in roblox! 100,000 money for 7 usd!
Want to ADVERTISE and GROW YOUR DISCORD SERVER FAST? Join Hydronix Advertising! In Hydronix Advertising you'll find: • 50+ channels for you to advertise! • 8,000+ members! • Partnerships! • FREE Promotion! • Giveaways! • Free Server Spotlights! • Events! • Friendly community and staff! • And more! STAFF APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN RIGHT NOW! JOIN NOW TO APPLY! YOU CAN ADVERTISE YOUR DISCORD SERVER AND SOCIAL MEDIA ALL FOR FREE!!! What are you waiting for? JOIN NOW! -
A place for you to peruse adult content and purchase from sellers! Panties, socks, domination, BDSM, photos, videos, shoes, sex toys, and more!
Join :blue_heart: Wellness Recovery :blue_heart: Family Friendly Server (No Triggers Please) **A Mental Health Awareness Support Gaming Community!** -Support channels for mental health challenges. -Coping skills channel. -Express your art, music, poems, anything you made channel. -Overwatch and Minecraft channels. And don't forget to introduce yourself in #🧔introductions👱 **Yes we are looking for active staff, you can't just join and "ask for staff" right away. Ask after a few hours from joining.**
Selling gift cards with discount! Have cards for shop's, restaurants, airlines, hotels, spa & wellness and others. Codes are working online and in-store!
Join this server if you would like to purchase or sell online goods, the purpose of this server is to sell them at a discounted price! If your listing is overpriced it will be removed.
Hello there, are you looking for a server that offers all kinds of graphics, models, and designs? Well then you should check out Cam Designs! Cam Designs is a small business that offer their quality products for cheap prices. --------------------------------------------------------------- About us ✅ Cheap Prices ✅ Quick, Responsive staff ✅ Non-Toxic ✅ High quality product ✅ Active community! ✅ Giveaways ✅ Applications for DEV, MOD, ADMIN ✅ MUCH MORE! -------------------------------------------------------------- Join us to see what we offer! Join now to get your product that will tailor to your needs! Hope to see you soon!
We are a family friendly designing company.
Welcome to The Fortnite - MarketPlace # One of the best Market today ' Why should you join? ' - We purge all the scammers -We rep all the legit people -We give everyone the opportunity to amount to something within the server
This server is a business discord where we set up discord servers for people at a fee.
We are the #1 Discord Server, to Advertise Yours! Our aim is to be the leading server that helps other servers and owners in AYS grow and develop. We have custom bump bots, resources such as the embed generator on our website and more...
Hello, we are Forged a service-team which aspires and innovates creativity, we do the hard-work and leave the rest on you!
成天瞎逼玩就完了. 顺便卖点国内香烟.
Code Square – Your Resource for Everything Programming / Coding, Business, Product & Design. Learning how to code? Starting up a business? We got you covered. We offer links to external resources, books and tools with a supportive and experienced community. NodeJS, Ruby, PHP, C++, C#, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Web, WordPress, Rust.
This is a server where you can buy cheap and 100% safe GTA Online money and RP. Make sure to join the server so you can see our cheap prices ;). The delivery time is usually in less than 12 hours
Return Fire is a digital marketing and entertainment company based around creating content for our YouTube channel.
Roblox server
★ NITRO & OG GIVEAWAYS ★ 80+ Members (Giveaway at 100) ★ Custom Emoji's and Commands ★ Helpful Staff and Community
Hey, I'm MCLHZ i made this server and the small game Boxner. with your support i would update the game regularly. im not asking for money just for people to try the game out and tell what you think and what should i add to it. if you think you could help me out with making games please contact me and i will talk with you about it. thank you for reading, MCLHZ.
We are a group, that lets you sell Accounts ranging from Adventure Quest World to others.
Find people to work with you or for your server. Come join in the fun
Nous offrons sur ce serveur discord Des Discord Nitros , Des comptes spotify PREMIUM et des NETFLIX ! Giveaway tout les jours + drop + systeme d'invitations ! Pas de fake !
We are a brand new gambling site in the Roblox Community. We currently offer the game mode "Jackpot" for gambling. Come join us! You must be at least 18+ to gamble here.
Rewards and iveaways!
SlicedGold Trading Runescape (Business/Gambling/Chest System/Hosting Etc.) discord server. -Active Runescape and RSPS Market -Gamble with 53x2 | 54x2 | Blackjack | Dice Duel | blackjack and more all with a provability fair system that is unique! -Get 1% chance of winning 60M 07 (Dragon claws!) when entering the discord server for free by typing one single command: !openchest welcome (You get the chest for free when using the react-for-role under #react-for-role channel) -Banker rank available make money on your free-time by hosting games! -Professional Staff And exclusive scammer-list to stay safe while trading!
Roblox developer group.
Currently, we're offering IKONIK, Eon, and Honor Guard! We know buying stuff off of a random discord isn't very motivating, so we can provide proof if asked. We ALSO have a marketplace in which YOU and OTHERS can sell/buy skins and accounts! Join now, and YOU can get CHEAP promotional skins TODAY!
Frew Minecraft Alts, for 10 invites. Our service is simple: Invite more than 10 people, get Inviter I role and receive your alt!
A server to advertise all kinds of stuff and to meet great people!
We are for MCPE
WLA is a virtual airline servicing flight sims like Goefs, FSX, and others. We also enjoy a little rp now and then, but mainly our server is a fun place to hang out and have fun.
Delta Airlines GeoFS is one of the largest operating Virtual Airlines that is based around the flight simulator "GeoFS" but now supports many others. Join today and fly the many beautiful skies as a pilot.
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