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District24 Your Gaming and Developing Community Help and more Free Channels
The Brighten Development Official Discord! Here, you can get support for our software, participate in cool events, and ask any software related questions to the many developers that reside here.
BaseNet Minecraft Server Discord!
This is the discord of the Developer JokeDevil
Helle gais welcome to server
Le Discord officiel de Priixy !
Personal Public Discord of Radient_Sora (Streamer and Minecraft Mod Dev)
Serveur de la SEC : Sécuritie Exchange Commission , Communité De Hack, Interdiction de : Troll , Spam , Photo Pornographique , Racisme , Séxisme .
•Nu faceti spam. •Nu folositi metode de bullying si rasism pe acest server. •Nu injurati membrii/persoanele din staff. •Nu faceti reclama sub orice fel. •Nu scoateti sunete ciudate/enevante pe chat-ul de voce. ========================================================= • Discord: • Instagram: • WebSite: • Steam: • YouTube:
Foaler's Help discord
Official Discord Of ShadowXploits! Youtube:
Сервер с 400 с чем-то участниками,не все активны,но если ты зайдёшь и будешь активен актив немного улучшится.Только тебя нам не хватает!
JoJo's Ro-Star Battle is a game that is based off the PS3/PS4 game by the similar name, however, it will have a more diverse multiplayer mode with a little bit of free-roam, players will be able to choose their characters, which will range diversely from Parts 1-8 of JJBA, After completing story mode, you may create a custom character that uses a certain class (Classes are = Vampire/Hamon User/Stand User/Spin User/Pillar Men/Cyborg and more,) Some classes will be mixable, such as Stand+Spin, which can create different moves, you may create 5 alternate custom character, more will be discussed in the trello.
Servidor focado em doações de CC e muitas mais em breve
this is a ben 10 Minecraft server posdetite server
PromiseNetwork Resmi Discord Adresi...
RustyClan discord server !
Server for ToxicModder's and Furky's fans.
The Official Developer Hub Do you have a interest in programming? Are you trying to learn but don't have anyone to help you out? Or are you just looking for a nice, enjoyable place to hangout and discuss code tech or database related thing? Then this server is for you! What we offer > Free tutoring 1 on 1 > A nice small group of developers who all share the same passion > Career advice > Homework assistance > Project help > Giveaways (Discord Nitro etc) and more! So please do jump in for a quick hello, We're excited to have you.
The University of York Game Development Society. Come join us, we have cookies!
Server for the discussion of Waze user scripts and community projects
Kalkulus and The Hub Official Discord
just a chill talk discord & some giveaways
LawlyMC - Minecraft Sever | KITPVP/HG/GLADIATOR
Scrypta is a Peer-to-Peer infrastructure designed for new business models and public governance management. The system is based on the digital currency called 'LYRA'. Scrypta is a blockchain with advanced decentralized features for greater scalability, flexibility and is suitable for the creation of complete architectures for unlimited projects and new use cases. Scrypta is a constant evolution project with decentralized nature that makes it particularly suitable for collaborations and contributions from developers who want to create practical solutions based on its architecture. Moreover, the Scrypta based ecosystem offers exceptional features of archiving, certification and verification which represent excellent tools for all those companies wishing to look at the technological innovation offered by the blockchain. Links:
Welcome to my workshop, where I forge the finest products in the graphic design, VFX, and cinematic genre's. Join to open a ticket and hire me or get free support for absolutely anything else from networking, development, design, art, and more!
Runescape 3 + Old School Staking Community
Need help with Assembly programming and looking for experts? Then this isn't the place, but we are enthusiasts and are willing to help most of the time, if we can!
Kryptonite FiveM Romania RolePlay. acesta este un server de FiveM RolePlay, este un server unic in romania, cu diferite joburi unice fara misiuni. Avem in total 6 mafii , 4 factiuni departamente. Va asteptam. Server-ul are factiuni exact ca pe samp.
A server Mainly focused on roblox GUIs
Türkçe Discord Bot Yapma & Kod Paylaşım Sunucusudur. Sizde Sunucumuza Katılarak, Kendi Discord Botunuzu Yapabilirsiniz!
blblblbll description de merde qui me casse les couilles
Support and testing server for my first ever bot!
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