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This is a design-related server owned by Killer(me). I've worked for tens of people including MyUsernamesThis the popular youtuber/streamer. If you're intrested in purchasing a gfx/UI here's the place to go.
This is a hub for roblox, and thats it its payed.
Come join us! We are a public Discord server and we love to discuss the hottest technologies and showcase our work!
We are a group of hackers who offer different services to our clients. Our main focus is carding electronics but we also offer other services that benefit all our clients . Please check out our various services and if interested please contact @spiral2 for the service you would like. We offer different payment types. Bitcoin, Paypal and others.
ALL IN ONE ADVERTISEMENT SERVER ┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉ What We Offers:- ↳musical_note Music & Dance ↳grinning Custom Emojis ↳ghost Memes & Anime ↳cop High Moderation ↳tadaWeekly Giveaways ↳video_game Gaming & Fun Bots ↳speech_balloon Voice & Chat Channels ↳loudspeaker Advertisement Channel AND MUCH MORE!
We're a fun giveaway and more discord server!
Official Discord server for Corehalla, a statistics website for Brawlhalla.
We are a Roblox dev group with multiple games being developed at this time and are in need of devs. We are just trying to grow our community at this time hence why we are advertising here. If you are interested in joining a dev Roblox group with games being deved and be a tester then feel free to join!
Join Meme Developers : It has a friendly, skilled community of developers, theres gaming sections, and meme sections, and development sections! If you want to chat with other people, your in the right place, join Meme Developers!
Twitch Universe is a community that focuses on helping small graphic designers, editors, streamers, and developers grow their community or customers! We are all about: Spreading positivity Quality Over Quantity Show Love to receive love!
Chat, build, and get help from other developers!
Welcome To Linux Hacking Server!
Welcome To The VirtualWorld
Apura is a gaming community where we create games, love games and more! Over 20 game cahnnels Gamers Invites for in-game ranks Easy support and help for new gamers and developers Friendly, welcoming community
This a server for almost every game available. We want to build an active and friendly community of people who want to have fun playing games. If you know a game which you want to play with others, but you don't see a voice channel for it, just tell the staff and it'll be added soon.
Servidor el cuál nos dedicamos a regalar cuentas de todo tipo, spotify, fortnite, netflix, minecraft... También enseñamos un poco sobre ciberseguridad y demás.
Chat about life, games, and programming. We support each other here! Anyone is welcome~
Modded Lobbies is a fun and safe place for anyone of all ages to hangout. This server is: - Safe! We have a great moderation team and staff who ensure the rules are followed. - Friendly! Unkind users are not appreciated. - Fun! With levelling system, music, experienced/veteran users along with beginner users just getting started. Categories? We mostly cater to Gaming, Hacking, Glitching, Lag Switching and General Discussions. The main Game that is discussed right now is Fortnite however all games are allowed and with enough demand we will add new channels for specific games. Our original server was over 800+ users before it was deleted. Our new one has 250+ users and counting! Invite:
Hey! Love Bandersnatch? Then cmere and join this (honestly tiny) community of game-developing, music loving,high as frick people in Bantersnatch (haha get it)!
My development server where I announce new updates for my games!
Comunidade para criadores! Este Discord é para ajudar as pessoas que querem criar um servidor ou que querem se tornar um dev! aqui temos suporte 24h. - Suporte de plugins de minecraft - Suporte de skripts - Suporte de Discord Bot - Suporte de Web Temos alguns dev's profissionais na comunidade que irão ajudar no que for preciso,
Unofficial Django Discord server by Django developers for Django developers.
Amazing Staff. Roblox Exploits. Roblox Scripts. Roblox
This server consists of programming and social chatting. You will be able to chat and geek out and have fun. Us server owners @Akanate458 and @TailsMc love programming so if you want to talk to us about it be free. And finally enjoy the server.
modcraft est un serveur moddé en 1.12.2 !
ExploitCrack - It's a hacking community (White Hat Hacking, etc) but we have sections for those who are not passionate about hacking.
This Server Support For Crystal Bot
Fan de la version 1.29 bonjour, si vous cherchez à améliorer votre expérience de jeu vous avez sonné a la bonne porte ! Je dev actuellement sur le client officiel pour y ajouter pas mal d'options d'ergonomies tel que le mode tactique et bien d'autre... Profitez de la version du maximum qu'elle propose ! Au plaisir de vous rencontrez IG !
Ромхак — мы не играем в игры, мы играемся с ними! Еженедельные стримы ромхаков и модов на классические ретро-игры.
Hivemind is a place for people from all over the globe to come together and work on projects. By combining experience in different types of fields we should be able to create something successful, and possible turn the projects into something profitable.
This is a fun gaming server with many games!
Welcome to Dy's GTA 5 Drops & Recovery Service, we offer safe, trusted and reliable services for gta 5 modding. Our prices are a little high but we offer a no ban rate, trusted recovery guys, safe and we do it on screen-share. We also offer a deal, if you buy the Rocket Boost Service, you get a free Toxic Package to give to a friend. We hope you join us and buy from us one-day!
Just a small discord server to meet people, talk about various topics and to have fun
This is a place for creators of any type. If you are an artist, musician, programmer, or/and video editor then please feel free to join us.
Hack & Info est un serveur d'entraide et de documentation sur le pentest et la programmation où vous pouvez demander de l'aide, discuter avec les autres membres et partager des tas de choses. PAS DE SCRIPT KIDDIES. Rejoignez: !
StudIO is the first hackable code editor for iOS. This server is for the community of the private beta users (and everyone else).
____________---> Bienvenue sur Dev'O Land <---____________ Êtes vous un passionné d'informatique de développement web/logiciel/jeu , ce serveur est fait pour vous! Dans ce serveur tu retrouvera... ---> Des salons dédiés pour crées à ton tour ton propre serveur pour t'as communauté (des bots, ou des astuces ^^ ) ---> Plusieurs Catégories avec des cours déjà préparé et des "helpeurs" à l'écoute et actifs! ---> Des rôles clairs et précis. ---> Et une partie Partenariat (pour augmenter votre communauté) Le serveur est encore nouveau mais il évolue de jour en jours
Nintendobrew- Mod your nintendo console, we can assist you with modding and play multiplayer games and also we have a very active github so new releases of homebrew apps will be out monthly.
This is the unofficial MS-DOS server, for those who wants to interact with other MS-DOS programmers, artists or normal users, all in one server!.
C'est un serveur ou toute les communautés de développeur sont invité a discuter entre eux de leur language favori, Il y a : -C -API Discord -Python -HTML -Ruby -PHP
Un serveur discord pour discuter et obtenir des comptes de jeux gratuitement ! = A discord server to chat and get game accounts for free!
The biggest and most friendly community around the Unity game engine. Come join us for help, discussions and sharing your projects!
It's an discord roblox ss script for 5$
Welcome Everyone , free ranks , free roles , Support a friendly & nice community , Programming , Events , services 24/7 ; OWNER Floki#5061 .
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