Our billing panel has now been made public. Now, you can sign up and lease your own gaming server. Once you've registered, you can find more information in the panel.

Payments: You will purchase credits that are similar to their USD equivalent. 100 Credits for $1. You will be able to build your own gaming server using those credits (Minecraft, Discord Bot, Database, Voice Servers.) Hourly charges in server credits will be applied. Thus, if you purchase a server for $8 per month and use it for only two weeks rather than four, you will only be charged 400 Credits rather than 800.

Other resources: Please feel free to open a ticket if you require additional resources, like web hosting!

Payment Methods (Panel): PayPal (incl. Buyer Protection)

Payment Methods (Discord): (Web Hosting ONLY) PayPal (incl. Buyer Protection)

Website: https://client.chillhosting.xyz/