=================C L U B M E L T D O W N=================

THIS IS AN 18+ LITERATE ROLEPLAY SERVER! Hi! Welcome to our fantasy roleplay. If you're after a place to play your own ocs in a literate environment, this is the right server for you!


•An adult only roleplay server •Literate roleplay •Friendly staff •Well structured story and plot line •LGBT+ friendly community •A very active server! •Tupper bot for multiple characters

It's 2096. Mysterious powers are now prominent and accepted in society. With nearly 27% of the world population having some expression of a “superhuman” gene. These humans are referred to has "Homo-ignotus", or Inno.

With these powers comes a dangerous game of chance however, and the world governments have ensured that all powers must be registered under international law. Anyone deemed safe to live among society is given the label of green, but those who have unpredictable and dangerous abilities or those who have used their abilities to cause harm, are deemed unfit to live among the rest us. Cast away from society, the world has revoked these individuals rights, lives, and citizenship. They're marked for immediate removal..

...But what if these people being deemed a threat aren't killed? What if unknown to the public these individuals are locked away in a secret facility, and used on war fronts, or experimented on? What if they aren't captured at all? Well, we welcome you to CLUB MELTDOWN. We won't ask your name, or who's looking for you, but we may request you buy a drink!

=================E N D T R A N S M I S S I O N=================