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Hello everyone!

I've been getting an influx of private messages over the last few weeks with questions from our community, and it's a pleasure helping as much as I can. This is exactly what I built this for.

I want to offer an advanced service that I believe could benefit some of you:

1:1 private consulting.

You can reach me in a 1-hour voice call here in the discord, and ask any and all questions that come to mind. I have been full-time trading since may 17' and knowing Bitcoin since 13', I've made many mistakes and seen many pitfalls that I know I could help save you from making.

These are the things that I'm confident I can help you develop/learn:

-Portfolio Management -Risk Management -Charting/TA/FA -Security/Better practices

My fee is 100$/H, minimum 1H. You might be thinking, Ð4RK, that's way too much. However, that's what my time is worth, and I know you'll be saving much more than 100$ down the line if you take that hour with me, or I'll send you your money back.

If you think you'll benefit from this, hit me up in a private message.

Thank you and have a nice day

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