Nitro Giveaway! ──★

Hey DAIFUKU Fam! We're thrilled to announce an exciting giveaway event that will leave you sipping on excitement! :nyan_tea: Get ready to blaze through the ranks and earn yourself the title of "Matcha" in our server, and you could be the lucky winner of Discord Nitro! (def. not a bribe)

How to Win: Starting today, the clock is ticking! Over the next month, we're challenging you to climb the ranks and be the first to reach the prestigious "Matcha" rank. (LV 15) But don't worry, there's plenty of time for everyone to compete!

Prize The participant who achieves the "Matcha" rank FIRST will be rewarded with a sweet one-month subscription to Discord Nitro! Get ready to enjoy all the fantastic perks and level up your chatting experience.

Event Duration 31.07.2023 -31.08.2023

How to Participate:

Be active and the xp will come naturally Keep an eye on the leaderboard for updates on who's leading the pack. (:?lb in bots) Don't forget to have a blast and interact with your fellow Discord friends along the way!

Stay active and chat your way to greatness!

Extra Bonus: But wait, there's more! We've got surprises in store for those who show unwavering dedication throughout the event. Keep your eyes peeled for random spot prizes and special mentions.

Let the race begin! Good luck, and may the tea be with you! :VigneCringe:

Feel free to react to this post if you are interested :HelGun:

Note: Any attempts at cheating or exploiting will result in immediate disqualification from the event. Let's keep it fair and fun for everyone! Honestly not sure how you gonna try to cheat but ye gl trying that lol