Hi there! Are you looking for a place to have Intellectual Debates? Or maybe you're looking for a place where you can Chill and just listen to your favorite musical artists? Perhaps you may want to just find a place you can play the game you're currently obsessed with while having intellectual discussions as well as some playful banter thrown in?! Well here at Intellectualist we offer all of that and so much more! The dedicated staff here at Intell host two daily VC events which are either a Debate or Chill Event, every Monday through Sunday at 9am and 9pm EST! Do you enjoy listening and sharing your favorite songs with others?! If so we offer three permanent Music VC's with an added premium Groovy bot in all three. Other music bots we offer or Vexera, Rhythm and two others named Brook and Jill. All bot commands are pinned within the #bots command channel. The server also has fun little perks such as server currency which we call IQ!! With IQ you can buy extra roles, give other members little gifts as well as other amazing and fun things such as claiming other members as your waifu!! There are many ways tonearn IQ as well!! Those are just a few things we here at Intellectualist have to offer and we still have so much more! We do hope to see you join and love the community just as much as all us do!! Stay tuned as we will be posting things on here daily about the server!!!

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