18+ - dedicated music channels - voice channels - roleplay - giveaways - pokemon bot - active
18+ - dedicated music channels - voice channels - roleplay - giveaways - pokemon bot - active
18+ - dedicated music channels - voice channels - roleplay - giveaways - pokemon bot - active
Remedium is Latin for "cure" or "medicine." We are an active 18+ server based on helping cure lonely people of their loneliness. There is always someone to talk to in our server and we are always there to support and listen to you! We have movie nights, YouTube, gaming, vent, confession, meme channels and more.
The exercise of the intellect. excessive emphasis on abstract or intellectual matters, especially with a lack of proper consideration for emotions. Philosophy . the doctrine that knowledge is wholly or chiefly derived from pure reason. the belief that reason is the final principle of reality.
18+ mentally | Small tight-knit community | Custom roles and channels | Weekly server events | Regular VC
Highly pokemon centric, we have many things for you prospective users to enjoy. -An active, large, and diverse user base. -A laid back and welcoming community of users and admins. -A buzzing base of interests to take part in, which of course includes gaming, roleplay, and many other thing. -Speaking of Roleplay, we have a wide amount of members always looking for some, so if you’re a writer looking to make some character interaction with much experience, or a first timer just getting into it, you’re guaranteed to find someone -Plenty of self assignable roles to share your interests and find others with the same, as well as get yourself some nice, pretty colors along with it -Some NSFW channels, if you’re old enough to enter them, are available for posting and enjoyment, so you dirty minded folks can all enjoy yourself to the fullest, no matter what you’re into Theres plenty more to speak of, but why not check it out yourself?
A Group for Anime and Gaming fans alike, everyone's welcome here! We have custom bots, a leveling system, color roles, and we focus on a casual environment
Nest & Stable is a small 18+ community for Bronies and Furries. We have a friendly community, active staff and dozens of fun channels.
Ratt City is an international community platform for creative people from all backgrounds to get feedback and exposure in a supportive environment --- We're not just about art either!
Welcome to Shibuya Nights! A mature anime and gaming community that boasts no drama or toxic behavior. ~ 190 emotes and growing, suggestions are always welcome! ~ Level tiered reward roles for active chatters. ~ User selected roles and secret channels. ~ Mudae Waifu bot and Pokeslots. ~ Weekly voice chat and game night events with more events to come! As our server grows, we plan to add more bots for enjoyment purposes. We're always looking for new members, so if you're looking for a nice community to kick back and unwind, why not try Shibuya Nights?
A rather new server for creative adults. Come to create, have fun and make friends. We have a strong art focus, but we also have regular gaming and chilling. ~
Jealousy is a fast growing server. We are a community with egirls to feed ur big eboy ego. We aren’t a bunch of sensitive fucks so join!
➠「Active staff」 ➠「React roles」 ➠「Dating」 ➠「Fun bots to interact with」 ➠「Relationship guidance」 ➠「Verification system」 ➠「Custom emotes」 ➠「Yandere related channels」 ➠「Around the clock support」 ➠「Community driven」 ➠「Frequent server updates」
A new server featuring panda emojis! 18+ Adults, looking for chill social interactions and no drama. Help us grow a new place to hang out and talk about a variety of topics, in a welcoming environment!
The Squat EFT is a Level 3 Discord server with 20 boost from it's supportive, friendly and mature community!
The Squat - Minecraft is a new cluster of server made for adult that are mature and friendly and seek to play with keen people. We're looking forward to grow our community and expand our servers to offer better gameplay and higher quality.
Social, LGBTQ friendly, and lots on nice people to hang out with. Starting out small but plan to be a bigger server, rewarding long time members. Not NPC ran discord, everyone is friendly. Hope you stay!
Small server for niche subcultures. Little censorship. Adult demographic. Share your own arts and media.
Its an active lounge with friendly staff team
Are you tired of political servers full of trolls and idiots? Do you finally want to have a proper political discussion without interruption so we can actually get anywhere as a society? Then you have found the right place! We are a well-moderated server for mature and serious politics.
Pokémon, Pokécord, Waifubot, Mudae, Hentai, Memes and making friends! Join now!
要 RIKU'S 陸 FORTRESS 塞 is a well-rounded server with all sorts of people from all over the world. We do not discriminate, and thus we have a wide range of people with different personalities and characteristics. We all welcome and enjoy meeting new people and would love for you to come join us in our newly revamped Fortress. We can assure you that the Fortress is a beautiful place that can be called home. We have a variety of activities and content for you to enjoy, along with a friendly and caring environment that will never make you feel left out. ➻✾ Active, Friendly, and Welcoming Community ➻✾ An Ever-Changing and Ever-Improving Server ➻✾ A NSFW Section [18+ and Optional] ➻✾ A Very Immersive Currency System ➻✾ Newly Revamped w/ a Retro yet Modern Theme ➻✾ Attentive, Kind, and Protective Staff Members ➻✾ Ping are Rare, Non-existent and Taken Seriously ➻✾ Safe yet Lenient Verification System ➻✾ A Place to Meet Like-Minded People ➻✾ Interactive and Active Chats
We love video games, anime, and Japanese culture! We also have a high quality gallery with tons of (lewd) art~ Adults only!
18+ Laid back gaming community. We play a lot of different games and like new friends.
Deutscher Server für diverse programmier- und nerd Themen. Language-Bashing, shitposting und Autismus stehen an der Tagesordnung. Jeder ist willkommen da jede Programmiersprache gleichermaßen diskreditiert wird!
Welcome to H△VEN.exe! We are an active community of gamers, artists, nerds and explorers. If you are looking for a friendly space to share your art, talk about anime, or push the boundaries of acceptable human speech, you have found the right place!
The Bench is an art community, where you can express yourself widely, granted it's within the spectrum of "art". We're a whole new community, who strive to become a big community of artists, who help each other out and progress in our thirst for styles and colors.
a Mature social discord server, The general idea behind this server is to make friends through common interests and generally just having a place to sit back and relax in devoid of drama , We talk mostly about anime/manga, games , movies/tv shows , music or current events , game night, weekly give aways and great people to meet from around the world.
Small, friendly, and mature community of gamers mostly in our 20s and 30s. We play on Steam, Uplay, and Battlenet. Our most popular games are CS:GO, Overwatch, The Division 2, Tabletop Simulator, and Rocket League.
One with the pack -This is a gaming hub for veterans by veterans and anyone who is either thinking about joining themselves or has family that was or is currently residing within the military
-blinq was a good*ss server, it had its downfall somewhere when it hit its first year. I'm planning to make it alive agian. We support freedom of speech! Also emotes, enjoy the emotes :wierd_laugh:
Streamer / Youtuber sur Twitch : Obariya Jeux principaux : Slay the Spire / Hearthstone Prochains jeux : Borderlands 1 / 2 / The Pre Sequel / 3
✧Welcome to The Dimension!! We are a relatively small and new server, but an active, accepting community. The thing’s we offer are exciting themed events and competitions, many broad topics (ex: gaming, art, advice) for chats as well as VC’s, an XP ranking system, self-assigned roles, and so much more. Our server is themed from the Netflix part series “The OA” but varies onto other modern themes throughout the server as well. This server is one to join, not only to meet new people but to share common likes! We hope you decide to enter the new exciting dimension. Our welcoming portal wardens are waiting for you✧
Welcome to The Girl Scouts Community! We love to win, but we love to drink and rip on each other more. We are a community with members across the country and a focus on First Person Shooters but have members playing all sorts of games. Bring your thick skin, drink of choice, and grab your mouse as [TGS] members are on nightly.
Small EU bases gaming community.
Welcome to Comfy Couch! We are a small community trying to grow as positively as possible. Come join us!
Gladiatorial Avatar is a Cyberpunk Roleplay based on Netflix Original: Love Death Robots: “Sonnie’s Edge”
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