About Server Come have fun, intriguing and interesting Roleplay in a Hazbin Hotel / Helluva Boss server !

We are open to OCs and Canon characters !

We are a friendly and open server for the fans of the shows that has the desire to RP in the said universe.

Content: -Roleplay with the Canon character (or has!) -Social Media in Roleplay (Sinstagram, influencer roles to characters) -Hazbin Hotel, I.M.P. -Interactive members -Friendly to artists -LGBTQ+ friendly -Open to 18+ Roleplays (meaning, erp) -VC gaming/art stream/movie nights (where you can mute and txt only if you want to do so)

Once you have joined in, you will be guided with the staff into the first steps of being part of the Members, which consist mostly on reading the rules and proving you are 18+ (will require date of birth), just so we keep it safe for everyone.

We can't wait to meet you and for you to add on to the experience!