A Useful List of Bot Friends

In a community everyone has a role to play, and the fun thing is that you can choose yours. Let’s imagine a very familiar community, a discord server, for example. There are always the meme makers, the anime lovers, the GTA V modders, the gamers and that weird guy who only reacts to messages and never speaks. The thing is that sometimes your community is missing one of these types of people. If that’s your case, worry not my friends, because today we prepared for you a list with all the bot friends you would ever need.

That friend who always listens to music

You know that guy who always sings with half his mouth and always has a song stuck in his head which he can’t remember? Here’s a list with music bots for Discord to help that guy:

Rythm – one of the best rated bots in Discord’s history. His prefix is “!”, and a list of commands will show up in the chat if you type “!help”. It’s constantly being updated and worked on to offer the best quality.

Groovy – of course, another champion. This bot is very easy to use, stable, has a wide range of commands and offers a premium version with very interesting features. His prefix is “-“

That friend who’s good at basically everything

This guy should be everywhere. He’s humble, nice with you and your parents and he always offers to help them when he visits. He’s the guy you tell to start the Minecraft server.

Mee6 – this made-of-code friend will bring you the joy of your life if you’re patience enough with him. All you need to do is to set him up as you need. Maybe you want him to DM people as they join the server, or you want him to tell everyone when you or your favorite streamer goes online. It’s up to you, he can do basically anything.

Carl-bot – another skillful friend that you can rely on in dire times. Do you have a problem with simp moderators? Hire this guy.

That friend who always jokes around

Everybody loves this guy! Everybody hates this guy! That’s why you want him in your community. If he’s missing or busy sharing memes on social media instead of your discord, check these bots out:

Dank memer – even if he looks sad, I’m sure he’d be glad to join your server. He offers 100+ meme commands and dank currency features. His prefix is “pls” and that should tell you enough.

Taco Shack – because… tacos! Sell tacos, grow your business and have fun competing with other people!

In the end, we happily announce that we added the BOT section into the website!

We’re still working to make things look better. The process of adding a bot is fundamentally the same as adding a Server and it can be done from the user’s profile, so feel free to share your Bot with the rest of us! Being in a community means being a part of something that’s greater than you. It means sharing, growing and opening up to who you are and what you believe in. We hope this list helped you and your community. If you liked it, feel free to share it on social media and with your friends. Stay safe and well!