Make Your Discord Server Spooky

Spooktober is back and what better way to celebrate it than changing your server into a Halloween costume, decorating your icon, and making it a little scarier? You can also create Halloween customized roles, names, and emojis! You can put Webhooks from Halloween Facebook groups and add some pretty neat bots to mess around with! This year we gathered ideas from all over Discord to bring you a fun list of things you can do to get your server ready for the spooky season!

Create spooky channels

You can create a channel just for Spooktober where people can post memes, crafts, and DIY. Just like regular channels, but make it scary! Or not! We've seen some pretty funny ones where people post photos of their pets in costumes. You can also take your existing channels and rename them something that is scary but instantly recognizable. Instead of “Announcements” you can call it “Ghostly Wails” and instead of “Rules” you can call it “Incantations”

Share spooky stories

Make online ghost story sessions where people can join and tell their scary tale. You can create a poll to vote for the scariest or funniest stories. In the end, everybody has fun! Use your voice channels or create a writing channel. It is a great opportunity for the storytellers in your server.

Movie Night

Everybody loves movie night! Create polls and suggest the scariest movies of the season. During quarantine, we have more time to watch movies, so why not go back to the classics, like Jason or Psycho, or even marathon the gory Saw series? Or maybe you prefer something a bit more cheesy and campy.


Why not use your aesthetic and media channels to post Halloween and Fall aesthetics? Or maybe post your 2020 Halloween playlist and share your favorite movie? Turn one of your channels into a living mood board of spooky or cozy images and sounds. No matter what you chose to do, have fun with it and engage with your online community! Let's gather around the campfir- wait... our screens.... and share scary times together.