Prepare Your Discord Server for the Holidays

This complicated year is finally coming to an end. A vaccine is rapidly coming along and maybe with that, things will finally return to normal. Until then, however, we should enjoy, as much as possible the holidays.

Today we've prepared a list with recommendations on how to enjoy the Christmas days with your community safely this year. Maybe you might not be able to meet with your friends and family physically this year, but you still have the ability to have a great time with your community online!

Online Secret Santa

The first idea is to set up a Secret Santa contest, where people can share their best memes and favorite gifs. If they're wealthy enough, set up a price range and a category of games and have them share their most loved games with each other.

Decorate your Discord Server

Make it fun! Ask your creative friends to participate in a contest for the best custom emoji or the funniest nicknames for the channels. Create special roles and give them to the winners. Once the bonfire is customized you and the community will finally get into the Christmas spirit.

Sharing is caring

Even if you're remote gaming with a few friends, or you're a big server addict, you surely have someone you care about online. Now is the perfect time to offer them a virtual gift to show your love and surprise them. It could be a month/annual subscription for a service they love, or a card for food delivery. The intention is what matters. It's Christmas, spread the love!

Use Bots To Enhance The Christmas Experience

In addition, there are some interesting bots out there which you can use to bring the Christmas in your Discord Servers. Here's some of them:

Santa Bot - see how people celebrate Christmas around the world, catch presents, see how naughty you are and more!

Christmas Countdown - a simple bot which can help you build up the hype!

CrimmisHatBot - it's cold, wear a Christmas hat!

The online communities have been a blessing this year for some people and that's another reason to be proud of your community! It was a tough year, but fortunately, we have had one another and we had a good time!

In the end, we'd like to wish you all a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year!