Regarding Discord Security

Lately, more and more people all around the internet have started complaining about hackers and server raiders on Discord. Today I’d like to talk about this. The way Discord security is designed to work comes with both advantages and disadvantages. One of the big discussions that people often have is Discord’s safety and whether you’re a simple user or a server owner, it’s always worth knowing how to secure your account or server.

Discord Security Advantages vs Disadvantages

Discord servers are created with an invite-only system. This way users who want to join a certain server have to receive an invite to join the server. This limits to a certain point the ability of harm-intended individuals to raid a server. This method stops being as secure when you add your server to a listing platform, which allows anyone to join the community.

It’s important to remember that Discord is not a traditional social media platform. There is no algorithm deciding what you should see. There’s no endless scrolling, no news feed, and no counting of likes. There’s no obligation of linking your Discord profile with your real-life identity. So when it comes to security, you have a lot of privacy in your day-to-day interactions.

The big advantage that Discord has compared to other platforms is the bots. Fortunately, the app allows server owners to add bots, which can help to entertain, manage, and most importantly in this context: secure the server.

Security Bots

These bots are a great choice when it comes to securing your server. They have been receiving a lot of good feedback from the community and are very easy to use. There are some other bots out there, such as Carl-Bot and UnbelievaBoat, which can help with the security but are not made with this sole purpose in mind.

The first one is Beemo - As stated on their website, “Beemo is a Discord bot that allows you to equip your server with a powerful antibot algorithm that operates in the shadows. Beemo's antibot mitigates bot raid threats automatically and effectively by mass-banning them on sight with a fine-tuned algorithm. While Beemo can't stop every bot raid, the antibot algorithms used are updated regularly to combat new raid techniques against your server.” Some of the members of the community tried it on their servers and reported very good results.

The second one is Vortex - As advertised: “Vortex is a bot designed to keep your server safe and your staff team organized. Its moderation and logging suite keeps track of your members and keeps your moderators accountable. Its auto-moderator capabilities also allow it to filter out certain types of behavior without the need for human intervention, lightening the load on the staff team. Finally, Vortex is designed to be fast and easy to use.” Some server owners reported that they used this bot against raids and it worked well in stopping the attacks.

Other Security Tips and Tricks

These steps are officially recommended by Discord and explain some methods by which you can secure your server. We strongly encourage you to read and apply them as needed. As simple as they might look, they offer great security in most cases.

We also recommend watching this video we created a few years ago, which covers everything you need to know to keep your Discord server safe. If you want to go deeper, feel free to check out this video about Discord’s safety in terms of privacy and data.

The truth is that there will always be malicious people trying to hack into someone’s account or server to cause harm. The most you can do is acknowledge that and protect yourself and your community as best as possible. Hopefully, this article helped you in doing that.

Stay safe!