Rock the Summer

It's as if the world skipped a beat last year, and all of us set at home wondering what would happen. I remember thinking that 2020 would be the future, 2020 was going to be a landmark year for tech and crazy ideas. However, that all shifted pretty rapidly and now it's crazy to see 2020 behind us. We still do have some amazing gizmos and gadgets though... so that is cool.

Rock the Summer

While not everyone will or can be making big trips and getting out and about. Remember to keep your Discord friends updated. Remember to record lots of videos and photos for everyone to see. Also, server owners and staff teams remember to plan out events with a fun summer theme.

Summer Scavenger Hunts

Get your cameras ready and find a list of items with a fun summer theme. Make sure to hold a sheet of paper for proof of your finds. We don't need any google images cheaters ?

Fireside Chats

While we don't suggest lighting a fire in your room, a simple night of chatting with no distractions or games can go far. Maybe put on a youtube video of some fire crackling and just share with others. We get caught up in what is going on in life and what we can do to not be bored, that we don't sit back and just take in the experiences of others.

Grilling and More

Make nights around grilling and other cooking. Show people how to put together your favorite recipes and how to get the grill to just the right temperature. Which seasonings are perfect and which to avoid.

So many ideas

These are just a few ideas I have come up with. If you have more let us know on our Discord Me support server. Some server owners really struggle with ideas and all the help can make everyone's experiences better and more fun.

Also, feel free to share your great event or community stories with us, and your server and stories might just be shared here with others!

~ Shylor