The Five Year Journey of Discord Me

Hello everyone, I am Shylor, one of the owners of Discord Me. Only a few of you might be aware that I launched Discord Me exactly 5 years ago. It’s been a long journey and the team has grown, and we have learned a lot since then, but today I want to share with you why this project is special to us.

Discord Me started as, and it still is, a tool to help people find community. That’s the end and singular goal we are trying to achieve.

The beginnings

As a geek-passionate child, coming from a small town, it was hard for me to blend with people and find a group with similar interests. That’s where the internet came in to help. I quickly found communities where I could be myself, where I could new learn things, and just geek out with others.

That’s how I learned to understand the power of communities. I knew that as much as it helped me it could help others as well.

Something new is reborn from the ashes

Like most of you, I used to use another popular program at that time to communicate with my online friends, but as the time passed by, that program was having more and more bugs and problems.

One day, as I went to log into the program, we found it to be offline, so one of my friends was searching for a status update on Twitter, and saw someone was recommending this new program called Discord. We downloaded it and realized how easy and clean it was. We were astonished by its features, and I quickly created a server for us and the small community we had.

As months passed by, the server grew larger and we found that we wanted a short simple link we could use. So, I started to code Discord Me, which was nothing more than a simple tool to help us share the server with more people faster with a rememberable link.

After the launch of Discord Me, some of my friends requested to have their own custom invite link for their own servers, because they found it interesting and useful. That’s basically how it all came together. Seeing that such a small project like that could make so many people happy, we were more than elated to continue and expand the platform. Since then we have started to invest more time and effort into Discord Me and have implemented all kinds of new features over time.

Version 1 – This was the first full version of the website and came online in November 2015. There’s not that much to it. It was very simple and satisfied our needs, while most of these communities were friends of ours and friends of our friends.

Version 2 – Now this is more interesting. This version came online in 2016. Several communities had already established their roots on Discord Me. We were excited when we saw so many people signing up each day.

Version 3 – This is the current version. We are very happy that we have managed to get here and we want to thank you all for the great content and communities you have all created. Along our development path, we were driven by the desire to create more ways for people to express themselves and their communities.

Last words

I want to thank everyone that has been a part of our team over the years. You guys have helped in every way possible, from coding by my side, managing hours of server headaches, to answering the same questions over and over again in our community support server. Thank you so so much.

We are constantly thinking about and working on new features that will allow you and your community to express more and get more creative with your servers. We’re glad to have you with us here.

Thanks for a fun learning experience and a great community.