A tavern, an inn, or heck a mercenary group! A hub for everyone in any interest. Roleplay, Fantasy, Gaming, Anime, or general randomness. Go nuts. We'll await your arrival!

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A tavern, an inn, or heck a mercenary group! A hub for everyone in any interest. Roleplay, Fantasy, Gaming, Anime, or general randomness. Go nuts. We'll await your arrival!

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⚜️ Guild Security ⚜️

We have raised the Guild security to High to deal with most, if not all, reports of scams and other harassments being done by newcomers.

Since we also have an autorole system and manual reaction verification in the Welcome channel, this only means that newcomers won't be able to send direct messages to our guild members right away.

If you encounter any form of harassment or scam, please report them immediately to our Guild Staff so we can rain down ancient retribution on the offender's sorry ass.

Check out the Guild Info channel to know more about our Guild Staff.

🔱 Guild Assistants! 🔱

Introducing our Guild Assistants!

First of, we've reached and broken through our 100 guild member goal for the year! Yay!

As our guild is slowly growing, it'll be a bit hard for the Moderators [@Keeper (⚖️)] and Officers [@Sentinel (🚔)] to handle everything. We came up with the idea to hire Assistants to maintain overall order.

Guild Assistants will have the [@Sentry (🌱)] role. They'll be around to help our new members get the initial setup and verification. Please reach out to them for any help needed!

Guild Assistant Team 1: @Ken (☣), @Lan, and @shaman

Guild Assistant Team 2: @[Miyonno Silvarion ❄🐾], @Mabu | 600115994, and @Raiden

For applications, you can drop a short introduction in the #📥-suggestion-box and tell us why you're interested and something unique about yourself - it can be anything!

Special mention to @Killmaker75 for being the 100th guild member!

[Drop any suggestion or request in the #📥-suggestion-box!]

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