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Eluaria is a "high fantasy" roleplay setting, based largely on a world with a rich history and vibrant background, rife with potential for adventure and storytelling. We have an amazing interactive map, dedicated and respectful staff, and some pretty amazing writers who have been writing in this world for years. There are both SFW and NSFW sections to cater to all tastes, but require 18+ for entrance.

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Eluaria is a "high fantasy" roleplay setting, based largely on a world with a rich history and vibrant background, rife with potential for adventure and storytelling. We have an amazing interactive map, dedicated and respectful staff, and some pretty amazing writers who have been writing in this world for years. There are both SFW and NSFW sections to cater to all tastes, but require 18+ for entrance.

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Changes to staff


We're making some changes in staff at Eluaria, with a changing of the guard to our reviewers team and implementing a new Lead Mentor role.

There's so much going on in Eluaria, and there's always more being planned. There's tons of people looking for partners, multiple events, and we're moving toward our second anniversary at the end of April! Come join us!

Channels Re-organization, stage one!

We're about to re-organize our In-Character channels, adding new categories to make the server a bit easier to get around in! This is a major undertaking, but we think everyone will like the result. Stage one focuses on the IC channels, and stage two will be the OOC channels, with a focus on the world resources and "how to" sections of the server.

We're thriving after a year and a half, with over 550 verified members, and growing every day. There are major events unfolding in the world, but those events are far outweighed by the ongoing stories being spun by players just like you! Come jump in and see why Eluaria is the best choice for fantasy roleplay!

First Anniversary Celebration

All right Eluarians, it is finally here: We formally celebrate one year of existence as Realms of Eluaria on Saturday, April 29, 2023.

To celebrate properly, we are planning a week-long celebration to include (You should consider tagging yourself with the @Events role if you haven't already!):

An IC event based in Miller Dale, the Spring Dawning Festival. Each Spring, a band of dwarven maidens venture down from the snowy peaks of the Heatherstead Mountains into the city of Miller Dale, commencing the annual Festival of Spring Dawning. Feasts, dancing, recitals, and plenty of other activities can be found in Miller Dale in these happy days of new spring.

The previously-announced first Writing Contest is of course already underway. Players and staff are eager to see what you have put together, and we have a panel of judges from the veterans team ready to review the results. Your entries are due by 5p Eastern on 5/5/2023. For more information on this, check out my previous post: ⁠📰news-and-updates⁠

Throughout the week, I will hold several raffles. I have 3 planned on the calendar, but I might decide to host a few more here and there. (Did I mention that you should consider adding the @Events tag? :sktgrin:) The timing for each on the linked calendar is when I will drop the raffle notice. Raffles will remain open for 1 hour to join and will be drawn at the completion of the hour window.

@The One & Only Dustball, Kiki :3 has graciously agreed to host a movie night. Check out her post in ⁠events if you'd like to add input on what movie to watch together as a group! There might be more movies coming from others, as well.

There are a number of game nights planned throughout the week, hosted by myself and others.

Want to host an activity? We'd love to accommodate you! Drop a note in ⁠events with a detail of the activity and the time you'd like to host it, and I'll see about getting it added in the calendar.

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