Part gaming, part anime, All awesome.
Official Discord server for Roll Initiative - Gaming and Geek news feed, and Tsundere Mode - a weeb blog.

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Part gaming, part anime, All awesome.
Official Discord server for Roll Initiative - Gaming and Geek news feed, and Tsundere Mode - a weeb blog.

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Celebrating this server's birthday and Discord's birthday. Here's a new domain to invite friends to this server.



What to donate? Pause right there before you do, I appreciate the Nitro boost. But if you want to give more, continue reading to find out how. Where the does the money go? It goes right be into the server, the donates will go into a giveaway fund. How to donate? There's 2 ways to donate, it's Patreon style. Maybe with the content to match later. Cancel anytime.



Movie Nights

Don't miss out on movie nights. From group watch to stream showings. Subscribe to the movie night role to get notify on the next event.

Coming soon: Halo Project Adam Sonic Moon Knight

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