Part gaming, part anime, All awesome.
Official Discord server for Roll Initiative - Gaming and Geek news feed, and Tsundere Mode - a weeb blog.

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Part gaming, part anime, All awesome.
Official Discord server for Roll Initiative - Gaming and Geek news feed, and Tsundere Mode - a weeb blog.

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Movie Nights


Don't miss out on movie nights. From group watch to stream showings. Subscribe to the movie night role to get notify on the next event.

Coming soon: Halo Project Adam Sonic Moon Knight

What's new in 2021

Lots have changed and we aren't even half way through the year. Start off from last post, voice linking and improved remembers are here. Joining the voice channel Lobby or Lounge will add an active role. Another new voice feature is the Hub. Join the Hub to auto create a new voice and text channel, owners will have full control over the channels. Improved remembers are currently weekly game remembers with react checks. Also birthday feature, head over to bot-spam to add your birthday. More selective gaming selects without the mess, check out select-game to unlock more gaming channels. Coming later this year is point shop, and a new lfg system. Check out the announcement for the most up-to-date server post and events.

Coming soon

Endsville is ready to move into 2021. New features are coming to the server at the start of the year, like voice linking and improved remembers. Unfortunately with these changes, my funding will be going to a bot premium subscription, so no holiday giveaways. If you would like to help me out with additional funding, please check out how to donate in the welcome channel.

Have a happy and safe holiday. See you in the next year.

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