ENEMY OF THE STATE RP - 2500 Cars, 450 Interiors

► [ https://discord.gg/eots ] ► [ https://enemyofthestaterp.com ] “All we had to do, was follow the d-mn train, CJ!”

• Structured Public Cop system so anyone can be a cop. However its regulated, set up with its own fleet of vehicles and properly supervised so we maintain a decent standard of RP. But a nice way for newcomers to check things out if Law Enforcement RP is more their style than Civilian RP.

• Hiring many positions for departments! Transfers Welcome! Looking for mature players.

• FivePD integration for the ability to go on duty with AI scenes

• Mini-Games like soccer, basketball, darts, pool, golf, tennis, arcade games etc.

• Customized liveries and EUP even for civilian RP ideas upon request

• Jobs and Missions to make in game currency

• Volunteer Firefighters

• Voluntary economy system with banking, ATMs, wire transfers, cash wallet & account.

• More freedom to do the types of RP and use items you want.

• Friendly community. Serious RP.

• Old school gamers and new alike. Bringing a variety of RP experience and unique aspects.

• Prone/Crouch

• Custom Weapon Handling Animations

• Custom CAD System