600 Member Update!

Hey everyone! It's been an amazing journey so far with over 600 members so we'd just like to announce some cool updates with all of you!

• 1 Month Nitro Contest - We're gonna be doing a giveaway for 1 month of Discord Nitro Regular to the person with the most messages for a whole week lasting from 4/2 to 4/9!

• Mini-Communities Update - We're currently developing some cool new changes to our special interest channels! They've turned into fully-fledged categories with specific channels for each aspect of your hobby or interest. They're run by staff just like you who have a passion for your same hobby - so you can be sure that your interest and participation shapes the community. These will change rapidly so be sure to head to the passport channel to grab roles that'll give you access to communities tailor-made to you!

• Community Input - Just like we said, we really value community input in Eternal. You guys shape our server! That's why we're attaching a community input form that'll give us your opinions on events, ideas, and other things: https://forms.gle/a71hef3BYAUCE8aE8

• Future Plans - We have a lot in development here at Eternal. We're getting ready for a custom bot in the summer, a server redesign, a more robust leveling system, and more perks!

Thanks again to everybody who has made our server the way it is! Don't worry if you haven't jumped into our amazing community yet: Eternal's rapidly changing, and there's always room for more. Get your input in and participate today - in our giveaway contest, mini-communities, input form, and future plans! Stay tuned for more updates and we can't wait to share what we have in store with all of you!