Greetings from Music Slayers team, Our server main focus to this server is Music, we want you to have some good time in our server so we hope that you guys will be able to join this server, just click β€˜Join Server’ and lets get crazy 😜we are pretty new so we are working on our server, also our team is offering many topics to our server:

  • Friendly Community
  • 100% Safe For Work server
  • Music Bots πŸ€–
  • Different topics
  • 100% safe and verification βœ…
  • Great channels design.
  • Self Role assign.
  • Public voice chats
  • Great Rules.
  • Great Welcoming design when new people joins.
  • Server/Socials Statistics πŸ“ˆ
  • Advertising channel πŸŽ‰
  • Game botsπŸ€– (Currency game with Dank Memer)
  • LGBTQ+ friendly server.
  • Private voice chats with VC Generator and music-panel to make it even better!
  • Economy System (Gambling game) with Mee6 (can play games and earn coins and much more!)
  • Ability to create a support ticket for help or any questions.
  • Singing Competition where the best singer wins.

So i hope that you appreciate it and we are working hard for new updates/challenges to make, so it really helps for you to join this server. Thank you.