SEPTEMBER UPDATE LOG Sept 11th - September 26th

Bot Updates • Added a Bug command and a bug channel (Use /bug if you find a problem and report it there •Added a Suggestion command and a suggestion channel (Use /suggestion if you have a suggestion for the server • Added a Report command and a reports channel [mods] (Use /report if you need to report a user for misconduct. • Added a Man command (Thanks to Brooke for the idea). Using /man will result in sending images with man caption...if you're confused..just try it. you'll see. • Added a Yeet command (Thanks to Tiv for the idea) Using /yeet + User mention will result in an action command. We like fun commands! • Added a Random fact command (Using randomfact or (rf) will send a random string of text with a fact that you may or may not have known. • All NSFW content from bot is now targeted towards only NSFW Channels. Bot Fixes • Fixed old deprecated code • Re-wrote User command • Cleaned up /help , all commands are in alphabetical order • Re-did /gamble algorithm, it was a bit to harsh before. • Removed /daily command, coins are now based on activity in chat. (slow update) Will be subject to change when i find a better work around.

Server Update • Added #・📷|╴out-of-context - for funny gag screenshots to be taken out of context. Due to the nature of this, it has been marked as a NSFW Channel, and will need the role to view it. • Added #・👌|╴shameless-plug - For your streams/new YT videos/or your gaming clips of mention. • Added a meme channel w/ dank memer bot. - NOTE - Once i get around to adding a meme command myself, dank memer will no longer be in Entropy. • Added a ton of new roles...more information coming soon

Its been a solid first few weeks, servers growing quick. Lets try for 75 members by the end of October. Be sure to check the #・🏆|╴events Channel for more information on the contest we have going on for October.

Stay spoopy