Finger Hearts

Diverse fandom support of BTS! We have activities, Minju, & bts notifs! Join our FINGER HEARTS fandom server for fandom fun!

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Diverse fandom support of BTS! We have activities, Minju, & bts notifs! Join our FINGER HEARTS fandom server for fandom fun!

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Refresh to Iconic BTS Iconography!

Refresh to Iconic BTS Iconography!

Welcome to the server! Much artwork has been done for our seasonal refresh, with several simple banners of famous iconography, from their logos to song designs! We are focusing on server growth post garmys, and encouraging streaming of all songs and trending the hashtags of #BTSOurGreatestPrize and #RacismIsNotComedy. Please investigate and post to your own social media as you support the guys. They deserve the world, but not hate or racism, that is unfair and unfortunately part of our world at this time. Please stop all violence, but especially towards Asians at this time.

BTS Grammys!

BTS Grammys!

Come celebrate with us as this month BTS will historically go for a Grammy win, their life’s goal and dream! Army couldn’t be prouder of the achievements of the inspirational group! Server refresh has happened, to Iconic BTS Aesthetics! Come see! We have added kpop card bots Minju and Jinsoul! Lots of daily activities, streams, and viewing parties of recent BTS content and concerts!

Be a part of the world’s biggest fandom! Join Finger Hearts !

Upcoming refresh to blue & white!

An aesthetic seasonal server refresh to baby blue, bts, and white! Come and join, and see our daily activities!

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