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Welcome to Floof City! A friendly and welcoming community of over 2k members from around the world. Floof City is home to a variety of people, furry or otherwise, where you can chat, share, and make friends! Friendly and involved staff, multiple channels and events; Hope you can join us!

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Welcome to Floof City! A friendly and welcoming community of over 2k members from around the world. Floof City is home to a variety of people, furry or otherwise, where you can chat, share, and make friends! Friendly and involved staff, multiple channels and events; Hope you can join us!

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Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone

Today December 25th, we are going to lock the server so everyone can focus on their irl lives, we are officially locking the server in 3 hours from the upload of this message and the lockdown ends in 24 hours after the lockdown. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone -Team Floof

Spooktober Events

Hey peoples!! We have events incoming!!! We have 1 event each week and they are all Spooktober themed, and they are in order:

Week 1 Spooktober Profile Picture Contest!

-You draw your own art and set it as your pfp! (We need the progress to avoid cheats, and a signature to accompany) -Your own art, no one elses. -Nothing off of google, or any image site, only your original content. -Any attempt of cheating will be disqualified instantly! If you see someone cheating, pls dm Foxisdaily or Bronz

The winner will be chosen by the server members (voting). Then the winner will get a custom role that will display above the level roles, below the staff! You will also have a chance to get your art featured on a Floof City Banner; If you decide to allow that.

Week 2 Spooktober Create to Give Event!

We will hold a reaction poll and whoever reacts will be set to be registered in the event. Then everyone who registered will be paired into teams of 2, but there's a catch!

-You can send references -You make it how you imagine that person as, but please respect their sona and keep it SFW. -At the end of the event, you will exchange and you can set it as your pfp! -Please do not steal art, and make it your own original content. -Keep in mind your skill does not matter here, all your work counts!!

Week 3 Scary story event

Do you love thrillers? Do you love scary movies? Well, I love poetic storylines so here is the scary story event! Write the most story based, and descriptive short story scare that you can!

How to submit: -Write a 2000 character or less story to be submitted in the writing submissions channel that will be opened on week 3. -It will be judged on the description and overall quality and story progression, not just how scary spooky it is! -Keep it sfw and keep gore description to a minimum.

Week 4 Movie Night and Nitro Giveaway! We're going to get our spooky popcorn bowl and our anti-ghost blanket because we're going to watch a scary movie on halloween night at 6 PM EST! (the time might change)

The movie has not been decided, but it's going to be scary!

-Nitro giveaway will be held by reaction role and randomly selected by a bot.

Stay tuned!

Minecraft Channels

Alright. We have removed access to the Minecraft server through this discord server. If you would like access, I need you to DM me, that way I have your discord. We have had people by the names of: Letspielen Spined_YT and jakeaj2004 all raid our Minecraft server. I looked into the first two accounts, and could not find their discord, however, if you find anyone going by the name of "Spined", or "Nico" that would be Spined and you should let me know asap. Lets army is the name of the second user on twitch, so I'm assuming their discord will be similar.

If you see any users with these names, please let me know ASAP.

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