Status Update

It's been a minute!

Early december we attempted a huge update to the server, upgrading survival to 1.18, sadly that didn't go to plan and we've been down since then. As of this month we can see the light at the end of the tunnel and are happy to announce that the server will be fully back online by February! All previous purchases will be honored, if you're missing ranks or keys please let our staff team know and we'll get those awarded to you ASAP!

So... why did we go down? What's been happening? Well truthfully, we prematurely updated. The plugins we use are developed by 3rd parties and they simply weren't ready yet. Now all of the plugins we use to run the server have been updated and tested with 1.18 so we should be good to go. This week we will be working heavily on the server making sure everything is good and ready to go.


We're also going to be hiring staff! In the coming days you may notice a new tab on the website and from there you can apply to join our staff team, whether that be for our discord, our minecraft server, or both!

Please note, all of our staff positions are currently volunteer, we rely on our community members who love our community and want to support it in any way they can to join our staff team. In the future we do hope to provide some form of compensation for the hard work done by our entire staff team.