Server Art Contest

Howdy Everyone!! It’s my great pleasure to announce Furrywave’s first big event—an art contest for a new server icon of Dewberry!

There will be Two Winners with art prizes courtesy of JayFabier: ? First place will receive a fully shaded half-body piece, a custom role, $10000 Dewberry coin, and will have their icon used for the server. ? Second place will receive a fully shaded YCH headshot piece, a custom role and $5000 Dewberry coin.

The competition will be open until May 16th 10 pm AEST (for my convenience). Post your entries and discuss in the contest-entries chat, watch for updates in contest-info (this is where the vote will take place at the end as well). If you are interested in participating or just want to follow along and support your fellow members, make sure you get your Events role in the roles channel, as I will be pinging this with updates and reminders throughout. Dewberry's reference art can be found in the dewberry-art chat; we sadly don't have a lot at this stage, but hopefully what is there should be useful for working on your icons. Good luck to everyone who chooses to participate, and we’re all super excited to see what y’all can make for Dewberry!!