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FUT & CHILL is a FIFA 23 Trading Discord community for trading tips, sniping filters, and squad help. We hope you enjoy your time! :)

Fifa 23 Discord for Ultimate Team, Trading Advice & Sniping Filters

Discord - https://discord.gg/fifa-23

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FUT & CHILL is a FIFA 23 Trading Discord community for trading tips, sniping filters, and squad help. We hope you enjoy your time! :)

Fifa 23 Discord for Ultimate Team, Trading Advice & Sniping Filters

Discord - https://discord.gg/fifa-23

Server Website: Visit Website

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Hello everyone!

In March of 2019, the FUT & Chill Discord was created for discussing trading advice, sniping filters and general fifa discussion!

With the release of FUT 21 just around the corner we are looking to bring in some new users, we current have 8,800 users. If you are looking for daily trading tips, filters, and a vary of trading methods with other players then consider clicking the link below and joining!

Thank you everyone, let's start FIFA 21 off the right way!


FUT & Chill Update!

Hey everyone, so with lockdown and all the issues going on in the world right now, we are all dealing with it and handling it differently. If you're in a country/place where you have strict quarantine rules, you may be feeling distanced and/or lonely, lots of us are. The FUT & Chill team have decided to add a few new things into the discord, that will hopefully give you guys a place/platform to be during this, that may help you.

1 - We have the new #?serious-chat, where people can talk about serious topics, this doesn't include political issues, as they can get out of hand very quickly. There will be strict rules around flaming/trolling/toxicity, in this chat.

2 - We are going to introduce more voice channels, for people to use and hangout without feeling overwhelmed. This will include new General VCs and new user limit locked VCs.

3 - If you ever feel like you need people to talk to, not only the whole staff team, but the whole community are here, whether that's just if you need a chat, talk about FIFA or football, or anything beyond that.

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