Official ItzEazyGabe's Discord

In this server, you can play bots chats with your friends and you must read the rules! This is the Official ItzEazyGabe Discord Server!

About Server

In this server, you can play bots chats with your friends and you must read the rules! This is the Official ItzEazyGabe Discord Server!

Recent Posts

Spring Update 2021 (March 4 2021)


New @Magic 8 Bot (Please only use it in the #8-ball chat)

New #8-ball chat to use the bot in

Return of the Pufferfish!

Updated Channel Overrides.

That is it for the Spring Update 2021, stay tuned for the next update!

The Ending(January 20 2021)

The last 15 Days of the beginning major update...

  • 3 Brand New chats in the Alternative category, they are

#share-stories , #fan-art , #qna.

Renamed #change-log to #updates

Updated Channel Overrides

Don't forget to check #the-beginning-giveaways🎉 and #giveaways

And have a great day!

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Mid-January Update(January 18 2021)

  • Brand New Alternative Category

  • 2 New chats in the Alternative Category which are,

#itzeazygabe-chat & #gabezstudio

These chats are all imported from Hunter's Online

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