Community Crunch!

As its known our goal is to give yall enjoyment in the gaming industry and many others. I would like to take a moment to give you guys a little insight on our plans for the future.

Our first Giveaway will be at 50 Members! We will be giving out 5 redemption codes to each platform including Xbox, PSN, Seam, and Linux.

These will be game of choice for the winner meaning whoever wins get to choose the game they will get.

Number 2.

We would like to organize or completely redo our server in a more professional way. additionally we would like to create an sub server that sells cheats/modmenus for a few of the current games we have listed and may even include them in bundles.

We are gonna continue to keep adding games to our collection it is important that if you dont see a game that you like please make a ticket and ask for its availability and we will check. ⁠place-order🎫

Besides that we would like to thank you for joining this server and giving us an opportunity. We encourage you to invite your friends so we can do the giveaway at 50 members!