Gay+ Men Meditating is a calm, no-drama server for gay+ men interested in yoga or meditation.

Exclusive to people who predominantly identify as male (trans men welcome) and gay, bisexual, pansexual, bi-curious, MSM i.e. men sexually attracted to men.)

We are body positive and recognise that it is through this body and mind, including all of its diversity that we are awakened.

❤️ General chat channels, ❤️ You are welcome to promote yourself, ❤️ General chat channels, photos and selfies, meditation and yoga, memes ❤️ Links to guided meditations ❤️ News and interesting YouTubes ❤️ DEEP questions of the week. ❤️ Support and healing. ❤️ VC channels for hangout, and online meditation and yoga sessions

For those 18+ we also have

🔞 Channel for body positive self-expression. (Nudes letting it all hang out with only positive feedback). 🔞 VC Channels for nude meditation and yoga. 🔞 VC channel for other 18+ stuff, e.g. mindful masturbation, tantric sensuality or wherever your imagination takes you.

So if you are interested, please join us.

Ripple Verification will get you instant full access (though we ask that you satisfy the gender and sexuality exclusivity defined above). Other users will have to answer a few questions for the mods before getting in.