Overall we are doing pretty great! The core wallet has had a huge overhaul making it even more stable and efficient to run on low powered devices. There's a real world working business built on top of Lynx you may not be aware of. We even have a new exchange listing and a brand new method of collecting your mining rewards which is more fun and profitable than previous methods!

LYNX CAN MINE FROM A RASPBERRY PI Lynx was specifically designed to be run entirely on a network of simple Raspberry Pi type low powered devices for very little profit. This concept is meant to turn the idea of mining for huge gains on its head so that the network is only supported by those interested in doing so. This forms a very stable base of nodes and keeps our network nice and healthy. Best of all, using our super convenient LynxCI "cryptocurrency installer" script your VPS node or Raspberry Pi could be set up, synced, and mining within 15 minutes! No joke, we have greatly streamlined the process to make Lynx the easiest and most affordable coin network to support! We have taken our potential impact on the environment very seriously since day one which is why low-powered devices that run for pennies a day can support the entire Lynx network.

LOGWARE DATA STORAGE LAYER The creator of Lynx, Ben, has developed a working business model on top of the chain that makes it incredibly easy for clients to store data on the blockchain. It's known as Logware and it is an API service that provides customers ease of use, transparency, speed, and security of their data. As it relates to Lynx, a small amount of actual Lynx is required and burned (sent to an non-spendable address) per transaction created by the Logware system. The more kilobytes of data, the more transactions it is split up among. This creates a natural buy demand as more clients come on board, more data is stored, more transactions are made, and more Lynx is required to make the system operate! Burning these Lynx has a side benefit of slowly deflating the supply over time which also contributes to a more desirable supply/demand ratio in the long run.

This technology truly has unlimited potential it only requires a clever need for transparent immutable small-data storage. The more uses for Logware that arise, the more Lynx will be bought and burned. If you would like to read more about Logware I encourage you to visit their site at https://logware.io. You can also visit the LYNX Discord server (linked below) for a live free demo of Logware using a bot I personally wrote. Just literally pop in and say the word "logware" and the bot will message you with more.

TIPSY-LYNX MINING Speaking of bots, we have another very clever bot in the server named Tipsy (also my design) which holds so many important roles. Not only is it a working wallet which you can deposit, tip, and rain with like most crypto bots but it also features a high score system with levels and ranks, community activities, and just recently has been plugged into the latest wallet release in an effort to spur new mining activity. Our new TipsyLynx mining method, funded by Logware and community rains, pays out double the traditional mining rewards and allows you access to your funds immediately! It also has a built in lottery system to possibly win even MORE Lynx (up to just over a million) per block win. It is also the first convenience service in history that actually costs you less to use while bringing you more profit than mining alone! On top of that it's very very friendly and easy to set up, just come to our Discord and see for yourselves!

WE ARE LISTED ON FREI EXCHANGE But don't give up hope yet! We are now also listed on Frei Exchange with a LYNX/BTC market. While we do have steady buys daily with some big splashes once in a while, the average volume is a bit low due to most of our community being hit hard by the recent Altilly exchange hack but it is slowly increasing and we would like to make sure everyone knows where to buy so we can drive traffic there and get things kickstarted again. Frei is a solid little exchange that has been around for a good while with a good rep and no KYC or any mess to deal with. I've personally used them and have not really had any major issues yet and from what I hear they are very responsive to contacting them.

Check out the market --> https://freiexchange.com/market/LYNX/BTC