[18+] Looking for a Macro/Micro community? ✨ ► Join Gigantica ◄ ✨
We have opened gates for all Humans, Furries, Scalies, Bronies, and more!

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[18+] Looking for a Macro/Micro community? ✨ ► Join Gigantica ◄ ✨
We have opened gates for all Humans, Furries, Scalies, Bronies, and more!

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What's new with Gigantica?


There are tons of stuff constantly being changed and updated in Gigantica!

However, I (Huey) won't be posting many updates through Discord.Me. I will still constantly be posting updates about the server in our #updates channel though! Come join us and check our amazing features out!

What has happened since the last post?

You're wrong! We have had massive overhaul changes, new newcomer system, new emojis, new channels, new rules, and much more!

New ownership!

Anna has founded and owned Gigantica since 10/28/2018. As life became more busy for her, college, Covid-19, and her priorities shifting more on herself than others, her activity has slowly declined to dead silence. On 05/04/2020, Anna transferred Gigantica's ownership to Huey without any warning or heads up.

As the new owner of Gigantica, I promise to improve Gigantica as much as I can do so. I have already implemented new rules, roles, useful information, and other great features.

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