Chill server to hang and meet some peeps mostly a mix of everything.

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Chill server to hang and meet some peeps mostly a mix of everything.

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AYEEEEEEEEEEEE JOINNNNNNNNNNN U MFSSSSSSS Ok seriously tho. Join lmaoo. We gots: ☛ anime ♢ hangout ☛ vc ♢ bots ☛ art ♢ nsfw , IF U WANT THOOOOOOOOO ☛ userphone ♢ G A M I N G ☛ BRUH and some more mF things okay? Jus join and check it for yourself 😂😂
There was a server - to bring together a community of amazing people, to see if we could become something more, so that we could be there for those who need it the most. ♡
Hello traveller to FS! Also known as the FAM SQUAD!🧠🧠👏👏 Are you a Boomer or a Zoomer🤔? HMMMMMMMmmmmmMMMMMMmm?? It doesn't matter😆 because this is a community server with full of Big Brain & Small Brain🧠! This community is still start up since I just started😅. But I hope to you all wonderful travellers can stay and enjoy here and find new friends to company you throughout your lives!☺️💞💞 We plan to shape this server to be a huge, HUGE Community! Even if it takes a while for us to do so, we will do our best to achieve such goal like those :3 so feel free to invite your friends over FS! This server is also about spreading love and a wholesome too😅💞. So without further a do, join us, to FS😌😊💞💞💖💖
★━━━━━━The First Wyverians is a server for everyone to come and just be themselves with no judgement from anyone. Our community is full of friendly and caring people of all backgrounds! We host daily/weekly giveaways, fun events like movie night and have tons of roles that are updated daily! So come join us! ━━━━━━━━━★
Discord’s Most Active Server with 130,000+ Active Members! ~1:1 Male to Female Ratio~ Over (120-200)+ Users Always active in VC & Chat Never Dies, Daily Exciting Events & Giveaways!
Eden of Gaming is a global community that aims to share knowledge and build relationships between members that transcend the games we play. Irrespective of genre or platform, we are looking to connect diverse and like-minded players with the games they love, establishing a unique footprint in every game we enter. With some of the most dedicated players driving our community, our goal is to create an inclusive environment for gamers made by gamers to beat gamers.