Goldcoin (GLC) is the first Digital Gold. A Super Secure Value Store & Cash Payment System. It's the Money for a New Generation.

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Goldcoin (GLC) is the first Digital Gold. A Super Secure Value Store & Cash Payment System. It's the Money for a New Generation.

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Major version 0.14.9 is now officially released

All users are encouraged to upgrade. This version includes bugfixes, 32 MB block handling improvements, mining updates, refactors and more!

Telegram Reopened

The team is now accepting new members in Goldcoin Talk. You can find the Goldcoin Talk group here on Telegram:

The Kings Reward

The Goldcoin Team is exploring the possibility of adding a PoS reward layer on top of the existing PoW layer. Be sure to stay tuned to our Discord for regular updates and announcements.

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