friendly server with exclusive bots.
focused on games but we also have some radio for those want to chill around.

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friendly server with exclusive bots.
focused on games but we also have some radio for those want to chill around.

Sorry, we tried hitting it with a wrench, but couldn't get an invite out of it. Try back later or check out these other great servers you might love ❤️

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OMG 30 Booosts

OMG 30 Booosts

Ty for all your Boosts ? We try to do our best for making discord a safer place for everyone ? HNG Team

OMG . we've reached More than 420 members

I'm really really happy to announce we've reached more than 420 members . i'm really really happy and thankful for all you support since this server created . we'll do our best to make our server better and better . Enjoy ?

3 Month Nitro Boost Giveaway

Thanks for supporting our server and choosing it as your primary server . we decided to Setup a 3 month nitro boost giveaway to show you that we care about our members ?? Don't miss this Event ?