Happy Birthday Henry Special Art Contest!

It's February, which means it's also Henry's birthday month! To celebrate, I wanted to host an art contest! You'll be given two prompts per day; one for Peter, and one for Henry! You can do just one, or both, and share them here in ⁠fan-creations, and/or on Twitter using either the #HorridHenry or the #HorridWeek hashtag, but only entries submitted and posted in⁠contest-entries count! Contest Details Each artist will be able to submit only two entries for the contest. Said entries will be posted in ⁠contest-entries to be judged by the other members. The two top artists that get the most votes by the end of the month will win the contest and the prizes! Prizes • $20 gift card of choice (if available), OR direct PayPal payment, OR two months of Discord Nitro (1st place only) • Permanent special role for 1st and 2nd place winners, as well as all participant

To read the rules, join the server and read the announcements!