We’re here with a BRAND NEW event! This week we will be hosting the HUB’s VERY FIRST scavenger hunt.

Each day a picture will be posted with the item that you must hunt for. This is an item that you can spot around the hotel BUT be aware that some may be harder to find than others!

For each item you locate, take a screenshot of your avatar next to it. Once done, post it in our Discord server (link in bio) in the #scavenger-hunt channel. Each participant will receive COOKIES for every correct post they post per day.

HOWEVER, once the event ends, those that have correctly guessed all items will have their usernames placed into a draw for the ULTIMATE prize.

ALSO, if that’s not good enough for you - if you’d like some BONUS prizes added, dress your avatar in a hunting themed outfit to show off in your screenshots! Make it look like you’re really going on a hunt!

We wish you all a successful hunt and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the staff team on our server.

Please note that once a new item has been released, we will no longer accept any screenshots that you submit of the previous items. This gives everyone exactly 24 hours to find each item per day.

Happy hunting!