? When 25% of Squiry has been sold so 2500 units . We will officialy create the first crypto of Squirry the ##SQR made on the ETH blockchain and it will have the value of 0,00001 ; and each owner of a Squirry will receive 10000 token on the release of it and 10 ##SQR for each day they will hold the possesion of a Squirry . There will be many bonus based on the number of Squirry you have.

☑️ The owner of at least 3 Squirry will receive 50 ##SQR daily .

☑️ The owner of at least 6 Squirry will receive 100 ##SQR daily .

☑️ The owner of at least 10 Squirry will receive 250 ##SQR daily.

The ##SQR will be a crypto based on the ETH blockchain , for crypto we are talking about a virtual currency , decentralized , which you can exchange with other currency or just sell it . Our objective with our roadmap is to reach +1000% by the end of the year . The main subject is gonna be our beloved Squirry and you will have the chance to use the coin in the Metaverse for the inhabitants of Squirryland to buy accessories , extra and join events ; just like a real nation with his own coin .

? When 40% of Squirry has been sold we will release the official merch of Squirry , i twill include sweatshirts , T-shirts , hats , sport jackets , smartphone covers and cups .

☑️ We will collaborate with FUNKO POP to create the miniature of Squirry in many versions .

Each owner will receive two products of your choice customized with your own Squirry , then for every product sold with your Squirry you will get a royality by 10% in ##SQR

? At 50% of squirry's sold we will create the community found with the 5% of all the amount of money maked. ?✅

Then we'll star to invest it in some operation's like Crypto ? advertising of the project and of the merch ? we also invest part of it in our cartoon project that will lead squirry to become the most famous squirrel in the world and in the metaverse!

?️ Of course all the squirry owners will take some revenue for each Squirry that them hold, with bonus for who have 3 or more Squirry

All Squirry owners will partecipate to surveys and decide with all community where and how much invest! ?

? When 75% of Squirry has been sold , Squirryland will rise , the village of Squirry in the Metaverse , only the owners of a Squirry will get the official access .

☑️ In Squirryland everyone of you will have a job and of course you will get paid for it , in the free time you can have fun with your friends or met the other community members.

We will organize events , concerts , reunion to talk about the community and how to improve it , we will have our own nation decentralized where everyone of you will be an integral part and with help and hard work Squirryland’s fame will grow even more and consequently the value of you Squirry.

? When 100% of Squirry had been sold we will complete our roadmap and the value of your Squirry will ne improved by a lot . We will organize and amazing party in Los Angeles and one in Milan and we will celebrate together our goal meeting each other outside of the Metaverse , during the party we will show you the premiere of the first cartoon of Squirry .

? The cartoon will be launched worldwide on each platform of streaming !!! ? We will leave you few lines of the plot ?, See you soon in Squirrland !

? The elderly and wise Wiz of Squirryland is trying to protect the village and the magic of Acorn , an acorn fallen by the trhee of the god which has the power to realize all your whises ; but the acorn was not safe because the eveil and diabolical LORD MAVICK , the most powerfull mage feared by every squirrel was trying to steal it for his own selfish purposes ….A