I joined Identification as a relative newcomer to personality typing. In 2013, I took a Psychology 101 class (required core curriculum at my university), so the words Myers-Briggs and Enneagram sounded vaguely familiar. Beyond that, I was ready for a new experience!

When I joined the server, I was prompted to take a series of three different personality assessments. They took under 30 minutes total, especially since most of the questions are designed to be answered on instinct. If one of the choices speaks to you, you should instantly pick that one and not overthink it. This will give a correct assessment of how you think.

After I did these tests, I posted my results into a dedicated server channel, and tagged an experienced typist (not someone who types on a keyboard, but a person who is knowledgeable about personality types, and the art of “typing”). They were quick to come to my aid and interpret my results for me.

I was asked a few questions about my results as the typist nailed down my personality types. I was presented with two different options and was asked to say which one described me best. This process was repeated a few times, diving into different personality tests and subtypes. I had no idea some of these personality tests could get so complex and deep. This isn’t a silly internet quiz about “What Avenger Are You?” or something – this is the real deal. I have to give my regards to the staff at Identification for dedicating their time to this analysis.

At the end of it, I ended up as an ESTJ, and 6w5, and sp/so, and a 613. If you want to know what those all mean, join the Identification server!

I found these results to be pretty accurate to how I am feeling right now, at this stage of my life. I’m always willing to help out and take on tasks and have taken on a bit of a “if you want it done right, do it yourself” attitude, which was clearly represented in my results. I also took note of the results that mentioned never being fully satisfied with my work and always needing to improve. This was a nice dive into the things stressing me out at this point in my life, and inspired me to take a closer look at myself.

This is the real goal of the server after all. It’s a server of self-discovery, and I felt myself begin a journey of self-exploration that I haven’t attempted since my soul-searching college years.

Written by: Masonzero, BeGeeked Labs (Discord Me) Content Lead