Vanilla Vanilla is similar to an anarchy server. There are no plugins that would affect one’s gameplay. Find your way across the massive world, create a base, and expand! You may play the helper, the hero, or the villain in this world. Helping others out or looking for bases to raid. Create allies or enemies! Create a world of your own! No ranks or anything that may affect one’s gameplay. It is vanilla!

Survival A cool, Greek style survival multiplayer server with plugins. Enter the world and find a settlement to settle in, claim your land, and expand by voting and playing the game. Join a job and grind mcmmo levels in order to protect yourself and make a living as you do your own stuff. Add trusted players into your claim and build a civilization! Remember to vote as well!

Future Servers:

Skyblock A Norse style skyblock competitive multiplayer server with plugins! Shop, crates, pvp, arena, kits, ranks, voting, mcmmo, etc! Not enough? We have PvP competitions, mazes, parkour, and more that’ll be added later on! How about a cash prize for whoever is #1 for the best build! Start your adventure and get a chance to win the prize!

Factions Want to get rallied up and start wars? A Japanese style Earth factions is your way to go! It has 1.8 pvp, custom kits, custom enchantments, crates, and voting ranks! Find your way along the mist of the battle and become the top faction player!

Come join Incendiium and make your foundation on the server! Get ranks by voting or buying. Create a lasting memory with the people of Incendiium!